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Re: Weather

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stanky wrote: Thu Jan 18, 2024 6:17 am we got about 8" of fluffy, with more expected.
ten below this morn.
we slept out anyway, under a heap of blankets.
extra cold makes extra cozy.
could'a used a few dogs.

we plan to play with ice some, while it's here.
i really admire that ice can be strong glue or slippery surface; transparent or reflective; that it has more volume than its liquid form and enough compressive strength to drive big trucks on.

i wish ice was warm.

can you imagine?
cold as shit outside... ... d4cXMycGlz
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Re: Weather

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The temperature here has been up and down like a feminist jogger's t-shirt.
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Re: Weather

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gotta try that toilet paper trick.
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Re: Weather

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