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Vaccination and misinformation
Agree with TA: Maher is a cunt.

But I still watch the show. For the laughs.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(11-04-2019, 06:35 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  I've always thought that the idea that a brain not functioning coherently and operating  with the brakes of logic disconnected due to chemical intoxication was working better than a normal one was hilariously indicative of all that was wrong with hippieness.   I still don't get that.  .. or the need to be one.  Huh   sorry. Could be the circuitry. Blush

When someone eats an accidental hash brownie and sees Jesus dancing on the water tank and Mary in a hay bale playing a tenor sax you would howl that they are addled and hallucinating....  but you weren't?

Seeing lipstick on a pig just gives you the wrong impression of the pig.   just sayin'.   Angel Big Grin

That's as much a cliche as the flip side.
There are people that can share a few tokes with a friend at night, and look at the stars. And appreciate the moment.
They don't have to get all "Cheech and Chong" about it.

There are people that enjoy a shot or two of single malt with a friend...and they loosen up a notch.
Doesn't mean they must then stumble home; puke; beat the kids, and pass out on the floor.
"Doesn't mean they must then stumble home; puke; beat the kids, and pass out on the floor. "

stank--you make it sound like a bad thing...Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
sick bastard. You deserve more cats.

anyway, the point i'd like to make is that the psychedelic experience is as legit as any other experience. It's no more fake than flying to Paris for a holiday. It's an integral aspect of the human condition..and has been, for ages. It's not for everyone. But i recoil at the way the media has turned it into the farce that Di describes.

Much like a trip to Paris, there are some tourists that behave disrespectfully.
There are plenty of idiots that just want to scramble their brains.
Even within that unfortunate cross-section of humanity, the culprit is usually alcohol.
A certain type will drop acid after speeding for two days, behind a bottle of whiskey and several xanax.

Heard a bit on NPR today, about drunk driving, and various technologies to prevent it. There's talk of installing breathalyzers in new cars that engage the ignition, or not. The death toll from drunk drivers is about 11,000/year in the U.S. It was twice this high in the 80's. Progress has happened. But it's funny o compare this sort of domestic carnage with various wars. During the Vietnam War, for instance, the domestic carnage of drunk drivers was 3-fold the war casualties.

(Of course, the casualties of the 'enemy' were ten-fold of that, and they didn't have a particularly high drunk driving casualty rate.)

Need to be careful not to make a justification for war, just because it's less deadly than some other stupid shit.

now this:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Russel Brand discussing bias in the funding of science.

It's short, and somewhat amusing.
Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
"sick bastard. You deserve more cats."
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(11-05-2019, 08:51 AM)sparks Wrote:  "Doesn't mean they must then stumble home; puke; beat the kids, and pass out on the floor. "

stank--you make it sound like a bad thing...Smile

Sounds like a normal thing down here. Sad

Stanky, I'm not saying "no drugs"  I'm just saying that you make it sound as if they a necessity to enter the realms of 'getting' things.   Some people may need the boost,  some don't.   Some enjoy being drunk, some don't.

I enjoy a nip or dozen of booze as much as anyone,  while hating the feeling of getting pie eyed dribbling drunk.  I never have reached that state, the 'fear' of it makes me chuck it up before it has the full effect.  I'm no fun at a binge party or pub crawl.

It's why I very seldom had the dozen.  I'm a control freak I think.  I fight the notion of not being in charge of what I'm doing or saying.  It's a defence mechanism I think, lack of trust in those around me?  seems so.
I don't know why others are okay with that degree of being out of control.    No big philosophies involved, just personal preferences.

Hell even Cuz has been known to toke on occasion, he came to similar conclusions about it as I did from observation of relative powers of concentration among the staff I worked with, that his mates who indulged the most weren't the smartest ones,  they needed to be high to keep up he reckons.   But mainly he lays off it because it makes him hungry and he's keeping his weight down.    ... jesus, how mundane.
Di, i don't think it's a necessity at all..i'm simply suggesting that it needn't be de-legitimized due to various stereotypes and bad actors.
there is no end of creative movers and shakers that give credit to the impact of the psychedelic experience.
This includes mathematicians and astro-physicists. And especially pioneer computer geeks.

We owe our survival to altered states and the incites gained therein.
Sure, there have been some freaks that didn't need the boost. But not many.
Especially true in music. Frank Zappa might have been an exception. It is possible.
Marijuana is mostly irrelevant, imho.
It's the tryptamines that are the game changers.
And they go way back; in all manner of cultures and all parts of the globe.
Quote: We owe our survival to altered states and the incites gained therein.

That typo is interesting.  The kind of drugs they're on today are more likely to produce 'incites' than insights. ...sorry.

I took tryptomine when it was sold over the counter in chemist shops.  Not for tripping but for being the magic bullet for the stress headaches I was getting at the time.   Worked a treat for obvious reason and better than valium.   I didn't react well to valium. Confused    By the time they banned the Tripto I was over the headaches so no biggy.
Maybe it's like Oxycontin, only addictive if its not used for purpose?   I only took a Tripto when i felt a headache coming in for the kill so wasn't hooked on it, and can't say I got a buzz or anything. It just stopped the headaches blowing my skull up.  

..funny thing, that was way back decades ago and when they stopped I reckon I haven't had more than 10 headaches since.  And not the same kind of headaches.   ...I'd insert a big puzzled and relieved shrugging  smilie here if I could find one....

I'm trying not to be judgemental or anything, I simply don't understand why people want to mess with their perceptions that's all.  

Probably why that psychadelic crap you seem to remember so fondly here was boring (wanker0  tosh to me.  Wrong resonance.
I think you're thinking of tryptophans, not tryptomines.

I knew you wouldn't enjoy my wanking nostalgic on psychedelic experiences.
I'm slightly ashamed.

Still, if someone is asked to recount the ten most significant experiences of their lives, do the psychedelic ones not count?

Back when the research was legal; late 50's; early 60's, and tryptamines were given to patients in clinical circumstances. more often than not, they wold say that it was the most significant experience of their lives.

(I could dig up the evidence.)

Recently, the rules have loosened up a bit, regarding scientific experiments with tryptamines.
Psylocibin has been used with terminal patients, and ha been shown to be effective for reducing their anxiety regarding their upcoming date with death.

Honestly, I think that tryptomines are the best chance of saving us.
This said, I've drifted away from them, in favor of a debilitating and lazy preference for ethanol and nicotine.
But i can't turn my back on the psychedelics. It's so much healthier.

We're a drugged-out culture. Problem is, we're drugged out on the shitty stuff.
Quote:I think you're thinking of tryptophans, not tryptomines.

Bingo!    you can see I wasn't into the drugs culture. Blush

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