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Planet America!
Thanks, sparky.

I suspect that the idea of nationalism is a quaint device, to soften the blow of the reality of the one world business.
We're offered a carrot of pride, that such and such a machine is 'made in America".

Wtf does that even mean?
It means nothing.

Even my last turd wasn't entirely made in America.
There was some tahini in there, imported from the middle east.
American flags aren't made in America.
Why would they be?
It's cheaper to make them in China.

Doesn't mean we can't be proud of all the international cooperation we can muster.
But why be jingoisticly patriotic if the underlying premise is false?
Any one remember Schwinn Bicycles? Made in America was their sound-bite. I had one.
a. They were absolutely shit bikes.
b. They weren't made in America.

never mind that! America kicks ass! We could make a good bicycle here. It would be really expensive. The titanium would probably be mined elsewhere and shipped here.

If our pride is contingent on believing in falsehoods, how proud does that make us?

Ironically, the myth of nationalism has been enabling globalism for decades.
We depend on selling conflict; making enemies; selling weapons...

Imagine if the endless threats from various evil-doers was over....
America would be absolutely fucked.

It would be worse than universal health care.
What would all those insurance salesmen do?
It's not like they could suddenly become plumbers.

We're in the business of inventing businesses that have no purpose for their existence.
Imagine if we even manage to legalize marijuana in the U.S.
Can you imagine how many jobs that would cost us?.
Lawyers, wardens; stenographers;' prison guards...on and on that goes.
And it would upset the flow of crime money and influence...something we've come to depend on.

Because we have absolutely no incentive to correct this problem, we have needed to up the grade of the relentless propaganda.

I sell security alarm systems. I can't sell them if you aren't afraid.
One concept that continues to sell very well to white folks, is the idea of the Mandingo black man, coming to rape your daughter with his huge dick. Even the onslaught of Arab terrorists on our shores doesn't quite have the emotional punch of those darkies, coming to rape your wife and daughters. Thank god we can put so many of them in jail.
That's what freedom is all about.

And the U.S. brags about freedom relentlessly.
While also having the most incarcerated people of any nation.
But no worries. I've seen it. The prisoners are darkies.
If anything, we need more jails.
Pre-emptive jails.
We can anticipate the degree of crime various new industries will create, and have the prisons ready to accommodate it.
And we can even provide meaningful toil for the hapless fucks.

They will work for less than the Chinese.

It's so brilliant, this justice thingy.
(10 hours ago)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Well that was nailed.

But as in all things, it can be seen both ways and misses the core of the problem.  HOW does that primeval system get turned into a benificent system of caring and sharing ... and more vitally.. HOW is made to stay that way??

What's in for me is a basic law of biological physics.   Good luck with changing that.

You're right Di.  It will never be a beneficent system.  Everyone may get a share as Ned said, but it will be worth less and less as the 1% collect more and more of those shares.

Humans will not change.  Certainly not in time to make a difference.  Something will take us out before we get on about that.  My bet is on AGM.  And if AGM doesn't finish us, then it's up to an asteroid strike on our degenerate Moorlock descendants. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
On the bright side, we have a fair chance of simply dying because we're old. Like people use to do.
Quote: I sell security alarm systems. I can't sell them if you aren't afraid.

I sell security alarm systems solar panels and windmills. I can't sell them if you aren't afraid.

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