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Golf is a sport right?
Sounds pretty much the 'jungle' that Cabarita Baths were. They were still salt water with lethal levels of chlorine added and it's a wonder any of us survived the chemical soup. All the blondes had green hair if they spent much time there. [Image: happy-053.gif]

You could always pick the ones in competative swimming training, the harder they trained, the greener their hair got.
Same in Bankstown

I did swim at Cabarita once.
It was a combined primary schools carnival and very few kids at my school could last the 50 metres distance (one lap) so I qualified.

I swam the race at the back of the pack, with everyone's splash in my face.
I hated that it was salt water. Pure chlorine was what I was used to.
We thought that we'd died and gone to heaven when we saw the Enfield Baths, they were blue! We were used to that kind of pale olive colour at Cabarita. We didn't know swimming pools had bottoms that could be seen through the water.

But they were still better than swimming in the Parramatta River at that time. They used to pump the water in from the river, but at least the chlorine may have balanced up some of the other poison in the water. And they did filter the dead fish out of it. Even eels used to wash up dead on the banks it was so toxic.
The big Union Carbide plant upriver probably had a lot to do with that.

Only the migrants who didn't know better ever ate fish from it.
All squeaky clean again now though and it was nice, the last time I was Cabarita, to see little kids playing on the little 'beach' in the park again. Mum used to take me down there when I very little, too young to risk in the baths. Back before Union Carbide. It was nice to see it back in use again.

No I haven't gone all Bambi, but I was never pro pollution, I'm not a complete nutjob. [Image: cool08.gif]
The pollution of the Georges River did drive away the sharks since the fish they ate couldn't survive there because the local councils were dumping the contents of the dunny carts directly into the river. Another reason besides jelly fish not to swim in it.

The river is clean again and the sharks occasionally return when all the speed boats are moored but the jelly fish never went away.

PS For 2 years I was enrolled at Enfield PS and we had our swimming afternoon in that glorious pool. It was indeed lovely.
Right, life was great for the 'silvertails' then. [Image: happy-053.gif]
I think Burwood High went to Enfield but I was long past going swimming on sports days by then. I hated the whole drying off and changing thing. I'd discovered that Tennis entailed the least effort. One simply had to go out, hit the ball into the net as many times as it took to be beaten to l'ove and then the rest of the afternoon could be comfortably spent in the shade with a book.
I still lived in Bankstown and caught the Strathfield bus every day to get to Enfield.
Well, at least you got to swim in a blue pool. [Image: lol-029.png]
True, and it was 16 foot at the deep end because it has a high tower diving board.
It added an extra frisson of danger to the swim.
The one at Cabbo was fairly high but no idea of the height. I only ever jumped off it once. I've never been more petrified. I swear my heart stopped on the way to the water. I only did it because the terror of heights was something I could get through in minutes but the derision of the other kids when they got a smell of fear would last for years.
Like the shoplifting adventure, I only ever had to do it once, and was then left alone about it.

We're getting very Facebooky here. What about we do a joust, plenty going on to argue about. Tomorrow ??
We'll pick something the boys can weigh in on. [Image: lol-029.png]
You'll have to start because I haven't got their measure yet.

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