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Quirky Stuff
Thanks for that TA, I'm still finding little sight gags in it. That swipe at Scomo in the Hawaiian shirt in the last seconds is a killer!
Howz about some brain waves?

Brain waves qualify as quirky stuff,

(I'm totally on topic.)
Later, my brain waves are barely registering right now. they're about to go comatoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I knew that, and totally forgive you.
Perhaps you suspected that I'm pumping out the groovier brain waves available to us.
I think i can see that everything I write has an underlying theme of self-aggrandizement.

Try to imagine the burden of that knowledge.

(I wasn't breast-fed, btw. Not sure how much that explains.)

You probably know that you're the only person I know that might actually have the time-space to check out my boring links.
I also faithfully read your epic drivel.
It's the unwritten rules between sweet-hearts.


we still love each other, right?

I'm feeling slightly insecure. Because, tomorrow, me and Mary are scheduled (at our local hospital) to get our first vaccine shot.
March 4th.

The same day that Trump is supposedly going to be inaugurated.

I try not to be superstitious...
but sometimes the coincidences are a bit much.

Mostly, i hope i get a lollipop out of it.
Same like when I was a wee lad.

I don't like being poked by a needle.
That's probably why I've never been a junkie.
I've done all sorts of drugs, but I've never injected my self.
Not because of a morality thing...
Because it hurts!

(Maybe that is a morality thing?)

anyway, you might enjoy the brain-wave thing...when you get a chance.

Is anyone curious about intermittent fasting?
It's kind-of a thing lately.
Athletes and other over-achievers are hot on it.
One meal a day...give your digestive system a break.

Fasting use to be in the woo category.
I was way into it, 50+ years ago. I was after spiritual brownie points.
I did a mess of five and six day fasts. I did an 18 day fast.
I have nothing negative to report.
Except the neurosis that happens when you're trying not to eat. That can lead to crazy-town.
Food gets put on a pedestal. It's all you think about.

What's hard to ignore is how easily your body can handle 5 days with no food.
It's often beneficial. Yes, hard to sleep. Too much energy.
But our physiology was designed for this.
You won't die if you miss a few meals. Same with your dog, btw.
However, your mind will go into overdrive.

Your inherited genes will be thinking hard about finding some food.

I'd like to discuss this in more detail...but I'm worried i might be the only bloke here that's had any experience with fasting.
That will make it more difficult.

I know what hunger is. In my case, it was an artificial version of hunger...because I knew there was ample food available, whenever I stopped my fast.
To actually starve to death is nearly incomprehensible to me.
I've been around food, all my life.

Here's an analogy:
Great distance runners (elite athletes) come from a tradition of running long distances for survival.
Ethiopia and Kenya crank-out the best jocks in the world, as per long distance running.
They suck at swimming.



sure. I guess so.

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