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The Daily Grind
Both have the management style of "Rule with intimidation and threats - we don't care of the customer gets serviced or not".

Larger of the two would have to follow a "New York Dock Agreement" which means we keep our union and they have to pay us whatever our highest rate of the last five years was.

The smaller of the two might be easier to adapt to, but it will be a brand new company, which means pay and union not guaranteed, plus we would have to reapply for our own jobs.

What I've had for the past seven years or so isn't the greatest, but as long as the work got done, the management pretty much left you alone.

Just have to make it to retirement age.
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Ok, that makes it easier, especially in USA - follow the union. At least you're guaranteed a little protection.
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If it's working the main lines, and bigger, that would probably mean it has a better chance of seeing you through to retiring before it does.

The branch lines die first when things get tough. (ours did and never reopened)

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