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The Daily Grind
(03-11-2018, 04:47 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Most boring bloody city on Earth.  
The only activity is the Friday migration of people getting the hell out of it.

It's a plastic city.   It doesn't feel real.  It's the Macca's of cities.   Neat, clean, very human and family friendly, but nobody likes to spend much time in it.

What else do you expect when you build a city nobody wants in the middle of a freezing wasteland and populate it with civil servants?

Is it any wonder that's where Arthwollipot's from? Where he drives his Uber on Saturday nights.

Predictably, a Prius.

It is one part of Aussie that makes NZ look good. Fuck, Canberra makes Launceston look good!
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Ohhhhh that is gold! Had no idea where Arty hailed from but that explains all! ... and Uber .. and a Prius. yessss! nailed.

Been to Launceston. I was 5 years old. Don't remember a single thing about it.
Kind of miss wrestling with Arth.
And BSB.

This place is lacking in moral authority and pie-eyed optimism.

I wonder why we don't get any new blood? O.G. was the last one. Didn't last long. I blame me for some of that.

I'm still mystified by some of our threads that have gobs of views.
If there really are lurkers, and not just accidents of googling, then why don't we get any new members?

Like, there's six of us here, writing all of it.

(I know, I keep bringing this up...but i don't understand it.)

I would have expected a few more refugees from jref and AFL or whatever it was called.

(Maybe I need to start a new thread that would be irresistible? I'm thinking something like "Sex, drugs, and rock and roll." Maybe that's too lame? How about "Deviant sex, hard drugs, and Death Metal"?)

open to suggestion on this.
(In the spirit of an ambassador.)
Just noticed this thread has 25,000 views.


It's not like we're doing click bait.
It seems so arbitrary.

(Apologies to people that have tried to explain it to me. I'm pretty thick.)
Don't think of them as lurkers Stanky.  Embrace their anonymous and ethereal presence as fans.
Tragics whose lives are so devoid of intellectual content that the gibberish we write here is an irresistible source of mental stimulation.   .... azif.

Don't tell anyone but I like to think there are real people out there who tune in here for a chuckle occasionally.

I like the idea that others may be laughing with us.   Of course they may only be laughing at us, but hey ... getting a laugh is enough right?

Perhaps it's best that we don't hear from them?   Better to live in the delusion that there are people out there who 'get' us.  
Who appreciate the sheer heady altitude of the plane of thought we cruise at.  
Who are awestruck by the heights we reach in our flights into the realms of philosopharting.
People who are out there, glimpsing us in the clear air between the clouds of bullshit.
Is the fact that they don't wave to us a worry?   They could wave couldn't they?
They could join, say "hi, laugh my arse off at you dickheads, just letting you know I glance over to watch you idiots flying upside down and appreciate the entertainment. I'll never think of a blue whale in the same way ever again and just giving a nod of thanks for that.  bye."  

It wouldn't kill 'em would it?   I mean it's not like we'd set on them with claw and fang if they had opinions at deviance with the approved flight plan right??   oh.  yeah.  well....   siiiigh.

Maybe recent arrivals after OG will wave?   Another Marius would be a mild amusement.  But never mind.  We're still speaking to each other and sometimes enough is enough eh darls?  
Wouldn't want the clouds up here to get crowded. Angel
my hunch is that the numbers don't represent anything. There are no lurkers.
If they do exist, their views are anything but uniform.
In the fuck winter thread, which has a shit load of views, I've possibly told a mess of strangers where I live.
That's probably not real smart.


told them i've got no guns, to boot.

If lurkers I real, I'll need to self-censor.

Maybe they're reading this?

(This is creepy.)
Always assume we are making public announcements, we are. Even on 'private' forums.
I keep warning the 'knitters' about that but it's easy to get carried away with a tale sometimes.

Probably the best protection is the lack of time people have these days to research stuff. Read and forget syndrome.
To nail someone can take a lot of time accumulating a lot of small clues and who here matters enough to be bothered with that? Here's hoping we're pretty small fry eh?

Maybe I need to wear clothes when I post?
If only to reflect a more proper mood?

(I'm going to hate this new stanky. I can tell already.)

f'ing imaginary lurkers!

See what you've done!

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