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The Artyfarty Crafty Thread
(06-07-2016, 04:11 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Brownie point for guessing which 'dreamcatcher' sells best.

Excellent stuff again, and I can see where that market is.

Best seller will be the ones with Saturn slung underneath.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Just wanted to show this to Di.

"Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle": Vladimir Putin
Some of those are great!  luv the Kookas, and the little kid one, some are a bit on the angry side but hey, we all have shitty days, better to draw them than go out looking for other means to unload right?

Was that you singing?  Not Willy, but I've heard worse. WinkCoolSmile
[Image: 17-best-images-about-pine-cone-art-for-k...ughout.jpg]
what do you think, is this great or what?
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
"or what" comes to mind.

But I love it.

I have all the good taste of slime mold.

(Curious what the feet are made of?)

Luv it.
It's all nuts. or their pods or parts. ... except the eyes? berries?

Walnut head, the horns and legs are familiar nut shapes but can't name them. The frill, part of a seed pod.
The pine cone body is the easy one. Best guess for the feet, but could be a touch parochial in saying, are half macadamia nut kernels? I've eaten a few and they do fall into halves that shape and colour.

Whatever it's made of I want one. Now. Mail it immediately!
I apologize, had nothing to do with this creation except find its image online...
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
Only kidding Pres, glad you found it though, there's other ideas on the linked sites.

Passing a few on to a pal with grandkids to amuse on summer hols.  There's some pines around her place, free 'toys'.Smile
I had a brief foray into artyfarty crafts world...after stone masonry was taking its toll on my spine.

I made several 'sculptures?' (I guess) comprised of animal bones; fossils; crystals; arrow heads and more...all gathered from this hell hole that is the stankerosa. I started with a big flat rock of some interest, and proceeded to stack the weird bits with a special cement.

I thought they were cool as shit, btw.
(Maybe i could dig out a few picks of this arty fart.)

Anyway, I took 3 of them to an art gallery...and the owner looked at me; looked at these wild creations, and asked me "Did Alice Cooper Die?"


I wasn't very ambitious about this instead of trying another place, i went home with them, and gave them away to friends.

Of course, no pics, didn't happen.

I do have pics. How to share them here?

Involve Mary.

see the problem?

Maybe the next visitor I have from recodger will take my photo collection.

Not the can see that in magazines and books...the freaky-ass stuff i tried to get into after stone masonry tried to break my body. Just like all those other guys.

But yeah...

I did some arty farty stuff with antlers; turtle shells; fossils; crystals; arrowheads and more...stacked into odd forms by an old stonemason.

You'd think these items would have kicked butt. They had some intensity.

But, nope.

just as well.

At the nursing home, for rehabilitation, we had the nearly brain-dead codgers making Clorox bottle pigs, with cute appendages, made from other disposable plastic crap found on site.

If I ever get back into artsy-fartsy craft, I'd want to make a miniature stone version of that classic Clorox pig...made with top-notch skills and materials.

That guy that painted the Mona Lisa? What's his name?
He should have painted a goddamned velvet Elvis instead.

That's where the money's at.
Quote: That guy that painted the Mona Lisa? What's his name?
He should have painted a goddamned velvet Elvis instead.

That's where the money's at.

Got that right!

No such thing as 'art' really, we like what resonates with us and we operate on different frequencies.

I made junk I wouldn't be seen dead wearing that sold like hot cakes and ones I think are great that keep getting flicked aside on the tray. 
We can either die poor for our dedication to 'art' as we see it,  or we can be whores and produce the 'art' that appeals to others who'll pay for it.  ...

If we can't do either then we should just paint or sculpt stuff for our own satisfaction alone. 
There's no failures except if the approval of others is what you're doing it for.   And approval isn't hard currency so why does it have to be catered to??

..sorry, too philosopharty. Blush

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