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Who's got dawgs?
(01-23-2019, 10:22 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Dunno about you but I had no say in being white.  Or where I was born.  So what's with the snide remark about "glad we're all white here."   Having a dig?  What about?  Am I a history changing "famous celebrity"??  Is that what you think I'm doing?

Regardless of my DNA I did have a say in what I've done through life and that didn't include doing or saying things I knew I'd be ashamed of.
Fuck off with the inference that everybody must be KKK if they're not bleeding heart American liberals wailing about the plight of people less fortunate.  It's sad, more, it's bloody horrible, but I didn't do it!  Nor did you!
I'm sure not in the proglib guilt trip camp, so I must be "excusing" racism or warping history or something? Is that what the remark was about?  huh?  

I've never been rude to a Koori.  I don't like some  of them because they're arseholes but I avoid them, I don't do anything about it.  I avoid a lot more white Aussies for the same reason.  Is there something wrong with that?

What is it with you that makes you feel responsible for things that other people have done?? Even what the military has done.  Wtf is that about?  Were you in charge?

Just what the fuck do expect 'us whiteys' to do??  We can't change what was done, sure history gets rewritten, but not all of it or we wouldn't know anything about it would we?
So what else should I be doing?  Giving all my worldlies to the first passing Koori to assuage a guilt I don't carry?  What?

I didn't shoot any of them, you didn't shoot any Native Americans, or own any slaves or even know anybody who did own any so what the hell is this guilt obsession??   Don't go laying your own conscience issues on me.  I won't wear them.  Go peddle that moralistic crap to someone who did actually own a slave or shoot the natives.

Sorry but that just ticked me off!  Might be down to being one of those 'unpredictable' women.

Easy, big girl!

I only read the first few lines above, and had to post this:

My 'snide' crack about us all being white here was in no way personal. Honest, love...i wasn't going after you or anyone.
It's probably a coincidence that we are all white here.

Hell, I'm white! Did i ever tell you that?
Worse, I'm male! And big. (Relatively)

I have feckin' blue eyes!

I'm allowed to make impersonal digs at white folks in general.
It's an unwritten law of comedy.

One of the reasons I make fun of atheists is because i are one.

Damn shame I'm not gay. I'd love to be able to make fun of queers. 
Queer Jews get all the breaks in comedy...unless you manage to be a really fat black dude.

We here are absurdly homogeneous. We're white; middle class; ageing straight people that speak English.

That's probably something to remember as we critique the world.
Not you or me...but "us". We aren't allowed to be sensitive about our plight.

anyway, I'm not picking on you. I'm picking on me.

now i can read the rest of your post. 
Well, shit.

I read the rest of your post, and it just got worse.
Not sure what set you off.
Seems you read something into what i wrote that couldn't be further from my intent.

But, shucks...that's communication for you.

I certainly never imagined that you've been rude to other people, maybe especially minorities.
I assumed you don't have slaves.
Me neither.

I bet none of us here are slave holders...or even rude humans.

I'm not looking for KKK members. How do I respond to being told to "fuck-off with the inference that if you're not a bleeding heart liberal American, you're a card-carrying racist or fascist?

Not sure where that comes from, but I'll simply let it pass.
I know you're a decent human.
I have minor disagreements with you regarding climate and energy, but they are minor.
I don't have this "other" issue with you, at all.
Or anyone I know.

I don't think any of us would be here if we thought that any of us was fundamentally any of its common forms.

Christ, I'm not up for the hate.

Is this still the dawg's thread?
If so, I'm the guy for it.

Wouldn't be surprised if i was the doggiest mo-fo here.

I know the best dogs.

I have the best dog words.

let's get back on track.

[Image: 3036800Smiling_2.PNG]

It's that kind of mood, laying low out of public safety concerns.
Thank me later.Big Grin

btw, i honestly had no mal intent toward you in my word-usage choices.

And, i'm forced to accept the idea that i could be a whinny little self-righteous bitch. That's a tough one to swallow, being as I'm also a narcissistic cunt.

For penance, i will force me to eat a pound of tripe. with added Vegemite. And an artificial musk chaser.

Usually, if i'm insulting someone, i'm well aware of it.
But this one caught me by surprise.

Which is proof that I'm an asshole.

I just want to be your asshole, sweetie.

(shit...that didn't sound right.)


Even worse, but back on topic, there is this:

I don't like pit-bulls.
Especially when macho dudes pay a lot for one, and use them as an accessory of their thug fashion statement.

I hate when dogs bite me. I've been bitten by dogs five times. Like, bloody-ass bites.
In every case, the dog was inbred as hell, and attached to an asshole human.

The closest i ever got to buying a gun was so i'd be able to shoot the next pit-bull that comes after me. Shoot it in the head. Blam.

And I love dogs. And hate guns.

(I have 3 people sic their dogs on me for no possible reason. That's some weird shit. It can also be expensive. Stitches; rabies shot; emergency room visit. Fuck that.)

Hopefully i've distracted Ms. Di from why she was mad at me.
And instead pissed off some folks that love pit-bulls.
Don't fret it, I've just got an overload going on of 'what pisses me off.' .. it's far from just you pushing a wrong button at the wrong time. It's my button, it's up to me to disconnect it. You should have seen the post I trashed! .. because I remembered that ...

[Image: 4792421Always.PNG]

(This will make the kids happy.)
Something that hadn't ever crossed my mind:
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
My ad-blocker kept me from reading more than the 1st paragraph of that, but I think i get the gist of it.

Holy shit.

Never crossed my mind, either.

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