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Livnig with Lysdexia:
Sparky, what do you mean?
We love you.

One thing I love about astrology, is that if you buy into it, you'll subtly change behavior to fit the description.

I have to share this story about astrology:
Ages ago, I was at a big hippy party in rural Tennessee. I met a guy that was way into astrology, but he had a half-twist.
As he explained it, the system hadn't adapted to the expansion of the universe...which meant you might think you're a Leo, but you're actually a feckin' Virgo.

(Kind of like when we had to change the calendar; several centuries ago; to adjust the math of time. There were two weeks of adjustment. That time was lost forever.)

Anyway, he made a good point. I changed my behavior accordingly.
I still act like an asshole, but with a different flavor.

(I became a snappier dresser, for instance. Changed cigarette brands.)

These days, I mostly look for bigfoot. It's going very well.
Here's a 50 second clip of Doug Stanhope dismantling astrology:
(03-18-2021, 11:10 AM)stanky Wrote:  Here's a 50 second clip of Doug Stanhope dismantling astrology:

Right on. I still love Sagan's take on it when he points out that the gravity of the obstetrician at the time of birth was way stronger than Mars or any of the other planets...Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Astrology is more about psychology than astronomy. There are personality types but not more than average fit their "astrological" date persona. Some do, big time, but I try as hard as I can I just can't connect that with where the planets were at the time. And anyway, the same planets aren't in the same place every anniversary are they? Or stars for that matter? The sun maybe but the rest of it???

An odd thing about Scorpios I've met. We were all argumentative types. Hard to get along with, I worked with them and we were always in scraps of some kind or other as happens in office politics and mix of staff.

One of them, and I, fought with every one except each other. We got on fine. best of mates.
Another and I were the office entertainment, we had a screaming match over something or other every day. (We enjoyed it) Then we booked a 7 week tour of the States and Alaska together for want of other travelling companion and got along fine. But only for the 7 weeks. The fights resumed when we got back.

We found out that the rest of the staff had a betting ring going on who would give up and fly home first, or which would spend 20 years over there for murdering the other.
They just didn't understand 'Scorpio' type poisonalities.

I'm afraid I have to file astrology an numerology etc under interesting quirks of coincidence with no discernible fact based connection. But I see no harm in playing around with them. The harm only comes in making decisions based on them!
Christ, Di! You're such a typical Scorpio.

You're a critical thinker; typical...

But suppose you grew up thinking you were a Sagittarius? Or worse, a Leo, like me...
Could that misinformation effect your personality disorder?
(all personality traits are a disorder to me. It's nothing personal. It's a Leo thing. Plus, I'm a nine. I probably told you that.)

I can't help but think, that had you been lied to better, as you were growing up, you could have been as groovy as me.

(um, should i hide now?)
It's all a bunch of Taurus.
"The moose defies domestication." *
* Some restrictions may apply.
~ stanky
Thank you, grayman.

You're so fair and balanced.

(I assume you're a Libra?)
Here ya go, stanky:

"The moose defies domestication." *
* Some restrictions may apply.
~ stanky
Could have a good point there Stanky. But somehow I doubt if I'd have grown up mellow if I'd been told I was one of the gentler signs, Aquarius or something. The mental wiring is a far more tangible cause of personality than astrology.

One of my grandmas was a Leo. She was a kind hearted softy who wouldn't say boo to a goose as the saying goes.

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