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Cool, Unusual Stuff
Okay, sorry, I'm too used to seeing you defend the sanctity of the Left in kneejerk fashion.  Luckily i never jump to such defensive stance when my team is attacked. Angel
Hey, I love the mittens, too.
What I find disturbing is how the media treats him.
They focus on his rumpled hair.
It's alarmingly two dimensional. Even on the left.

His radical socialist agenda seeks to catch us up with the civilized world.
Imagine the horror if we raised the minimum wage!
It would be the end of democracy!
It would bring on communism! And worse.

Di, sweetie...
What's the minimum wage where you live?
How's the health care?
Your voting system?
Do you have a party that systematically tries to suppress votes?
(Like we do?)

I like that Bernie rolls with the punches; finds humor in it.
He's a fairly decent bloke.

Sure, I'm a "knee-jerk" liberal.

With time and luck, I will no longer give a rat's ass.

The rest of the world should.

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