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Dance Dance Dance
Thread for Dance videos, because why not?

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You'll get my mrs joining in if you do dance videos.

She has dozens of dance channels she follows and loves all types of it. May have something to do with having been a dancer.

I've seen those Zoauli dances before - truly amazing & beautiful to watch.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Well that started from a high benchmark!

Pinched with thanks, I was telling someone about that apparent suspension of the laws of physics but forgot to hunt it down again. The second part is extra so that's a bonus.
I absolutely love this techno-swing stuff.

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Yep, I can see why.   It got me in to the end.  
That's quite a workout.    

I'm afraid of seeing it done badly now.
Leave it to grayman to raise the cultural clout of 'recodger'.

One dance performance that is etched in me memory cells, is one i saw in college. More than 5 decades ago. (gulp)
Iirc, the dance troupe was named "Psylobus" or something like that.
The group moved in extraordinary ways. Interesting tribal-like music accompanied them.
I could tell that all the dancers were also gymnasts, as needed.

I wonder if they left any film behind?

(Maybe g-man knows.)

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