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24 hours...
Di Wundrin Wrote: Wrote:See, the way I see it,  this hasn't been a vote only for Trump, but a vote against the people who have betrayed so many for so long.

While the Lefty smartarses, and self assessed intellectually superior elites have been calling for a political 'revolution' the real revolution wasn't being recognized as one!   Because it wasn't theirs!

I've been warning that this PC based religio/cultist push to oppress dissent would not end well.
We're not all gullible dozy sheep  you know,  some of us goats. [Image: mail?]

What would my brother Dennis have done had he seen those guys selling Trump flags in a field by an abandoned gas station, today?

With that in mind I pulled on my cap, rolled down the car window, and hollered: "hey, do you have any Hitler flags?"
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
(11-10-2020, 12:32 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Do you honestly think people voted for Trump because he's a boorish egotistical clown??

Mostly, yes.

They see him on TV bossing around celebrities and think he's The Man. They fell for a fucking TV character. It's the Coronation St Effect taken to its ultimate.

Jean Alexander used to have people come up to her in the street and ask why she put up with Stan Ogden. Trump is an extension of that - people who can't separate fiction from reality.

You talk about Republicans, when I bet less than 1% of them have any idea what their Constitution actually says. It's 25 years since Denis Leary plagiarised I'm an Asshole, and the depth of ignorance and arrogance has grown a lot since '95.

(11-10-2020, 12:32 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Or could you give a moments thought that it may be because he's  NOT either a Repo or a Dem.  That they know bloody well the Repos are just riding his wagon but that he's saying what they're thinking so him needing a Party for backing is okay with them.

That's not it. The mere fact that he's on a Republican ticket blows that out of the water. There are people like that, but they're the QAnon types and count for less than 1% of the whole.

I'm actively shitting over Republicans at the moment, and most of them are people you'd consider intelligent, and most of them well-off. They genuinely believe Biden will turn America into Venezuela.

Now, you and I both know that's so fucking absurd it shouldn't get the time of day, but it's the Republican view and it's fucking sick.

Compare that the lefties here, who I think are pretty representative of lefties everywhere - live and let live, support the more needy and don't be a cunt internationally.

The left/right divide in America has existed for decades - what Trump's done is deepen the divide, and probably to the extent that it won't be overcome without some serious internal damage, although it looks like Biden's going to give it a shot.

You never know, miracles occasionally happen.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Me and the little woman went to a celebration party a few nights ago; a hot bed of the few local liberals.
I was discussing the situation with the host of the party. He's a good friend; highly educated; good human.
(Btw, as a veteran medical worker, with a kid that recently became a doctor, despite growing up here, raised by crazy hippies; his opinion was "Yes. Clearly we liberals are far more educated than the majority in our county."

That is clearly true, by any metric one uses. The contest, honestly, isn't even close.
Yet, I objected. I suggested that this elitist argument, however sane it is, is what pisses off the majority of these uneducated, non-curious masses. Trump managed 71 million votes. That's a stunning reality check for Americans that aren't hypnotized by Sean Hannity or the many right wing phony christians that are unable or unwilling to read anything.

Ironically, I'm so elite that I'm able to think strategically.
Like them, I'm disturbed at how stupid America has become...and unhealthy...especially in states like mine.
Yet, it's clearly not a winning strategy to point this out.

I couldn't be less thrilled with the Biden/Harris ticket. To me, both are far-right extremists. I've studied their history. They suck.
But Trump is special. He's an actual fascist. He's legitimately deranged. Swastikas have become popular again. He seems to be ok with that.

There's good people on both sides.
No. There isn't.

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