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South Pacific Women Football players gallery.
Ever dream of those dusky damsels from the movie versions of life in the South Pacific??

Check Elsie out.

I regret to admit that my first thought was they should be a Caster Semenya check on that one. I do know some Papuan chicks are very masculine-looking, but she's got a pretty strong 5 o'clock shadow going there.

I was having a discussion with my 18 yo just yesterday, as we watched some women's rugby, that there's an amazing difference in women in strength sports, like rugby & league, and games like hockey. The NZ women's rugby team is full of chicks marginally better than the pics you posted, while the NZ women's hockey team appears to have a babe-factor test along with the skill test. White blonde babe? Welcome along!

Half the All Blacks marry hockey chicks, and about half the rest marry netballers. None of them marry rugby chicks.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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