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The all new Trump thread!
Smile BWAHAHAHAHAHA. You simply haven't had the right man at the helm... Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
That would account for it Sparky, none of them had the right boat either.UndecidedWink
(11-19-2020, 04:34 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  That would account for it Sparky, none of them had the right boat either.UndecidedWink

Best comment for a long time - many meanings to it.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
(11-19-2020, 04:10 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  
(11-18-2020, 10:00 AM)President Bush Wrote:  A great america would look like you making me some donuts...

[Image: fchl03pphdi3itvfvfxc.jpg]

You look way older than I thought. Can you make me some chocolate donuts, too?

I turned 75 yesterday, I'm supposed to look a bit knocked about.  How pretty are you?
Yeah I can make you chocolate ones, what kind of mushroom would you like in them? Angel 

Do try and give me some indication of how you propose that America should be run to suit your standards when you get a chance though okay??

(11-18-2020, 01:38 PM)stanky Wrote:  not to piss-off Di, but the Prez  is capable of a brilliant retort.

Big difference between retort and coherent argument Stanky, he's got you gaslighted a tad.

I've met him. Happiest guy in America.

Happiest when he's insulting Aussies apparently,  He's chased 3 out of 4 off so he should be pretty happy with that.     It can't be our politics as we were a mix of ideologies.  Did a cabbie rip him off in Darwin or something?
But that's okay, we all have our hangups with people we don't get along with.

Even when he eviscerates someone, he does it in a fun way.

Yeah, #metoo!!  bwaahahaha.

I would never want to argue with him. He's been around the world and heard the best music.

So has Corona virus, and not sure about it's taste in music either.

Same with g-man. There's not much to argue about with that brother.

Only his politics. Wink

That leaves me Di, TA, and Sparks for argument.
Argument is my middle name.

You're a lot better at it than Pres, you explain your points in detail, I respect that immensely.
Using a link to some sarcastic site I don't rate as argument.

Glad you waded in to stir the stoush??? Angel

Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.

Quote:There is circumstantial evidence of more than a normal amount of voter fraud in this year’s election, but Trump’s lawyers have not yet presented most of the evidence supporting the electronic claims that they must rely on to have any hope of reversing the outcome of the election. So we can only reserve judgment for now. It is hard to understand what motive lawyers like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood might have to make explosive claims that they cannot prove, which would be career-destroying. But how strong their evidence will ultimately be, we don’t yet know. I hope their claims turn out to be well-founded and provable.
Quote:However: I got an email today from a Minnesota resident, a conservative and a smart guy who is the CEO of a company, and later talked with him on the phone. He has taken the trouble to read the filings that have been made so far by Trump’s lawyers. He directed my attention to an affidavit signed by Russell Ramsland, a Texas resident who is an expert on cyber security. The affidavit was filed by Lin Wood in the Georgia lawsuit, but it relates entirely to Michigan, and it is a safe bet that it has been filed in one or more cases in that state as well.
The Ramsland affidavit is part of the Trump team’s case relating to Dominion. In paragraph 9, the affidavit states:
Quote:Based on the significant anomalies and red flags that we have observed, we believe there is a significant probability that election results have been manipulated within the Dominion/Premier system in Michigan.
What are those anomalies and red flags? Paragraph 11 explains:
Quote:Another statistical red flag is evident is evident in the number of votes cast compared to the number of voters in some precincts. A preliminary analysis using data obtained from the Michigan Secretary of State pinpoints a statistical anomaly so far outside of every statistical norm as to be virtually impossible. … There were at least 19 precincts where the Presidential Votes Cast compared to the Estimated Voters based on Reported Statistics exceeded 100%.
This is a screen shot of the list of 19 precincts:
[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-11-19-at-6.19.00-PM.png...;amp;ssl=1]
Paragraph 17, continuing in the same vein, says:
Quote:Wayne County uses Dominion equipment, 46 out of 47 precincts/townships display a highly unlikely 96%+ as the number of votes cast, using the Secretary of State’s number of voters in the precinct/township; and 25% of those 47 precincts/townships show 100% turnout.
This list of 25 precincts or townships (a number that does not obviously fit with the preceding language) follows:
[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-11-19-at-6.27.16-PM.png...;amp;ssl=1]
[Image: Screen-Shot-2020-11-19-at-6.29.36-PM.png...;amp;ssl=1]

Here’s the problem: the townships and precincts listed in paragraphs 11 and 17 of the affidavit are not in Michigan. They are in Minnesota.
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
Up until now the blog that posted that had been a supporter of the sucking void.
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
I find it increasingly hard to get along with everyone.
Over the years, I've found humor to be the universal salve in this.

I'm not sure if I'm even funny anymore.

I did get a laugh at my bank today. Drive-up window; cashing a check. I explained to the teller that it wasn't easy to support Mary's drug habit.
(Mary wasn't with me.)
Everyone around here knows that Mary is a saint, mostly. They knew her parents...serious saints.
If they even know me at all, it's via my craft.
(Pretty much the best stone stacker this county has ever known.)

30 years ago, i was the best swimmer in the county, by far. But this isn't a swimmy county.
Hillbillies are notoriously bad swimmers. They're scared shitless of the river, for instance.
The only worse swimmers than hillbillies are inner city blacks. Those brothers won't get near water.
The water around them tends to be the worst water on earth.

It's very socio-economic, the swimming thingy.
Shooting hoops is way cheaper than providing Olympic pools for the poor. It's quite predictable.

Christ, it's all so predictable.
(11-20-2020, 02:59 PM)stanky Wrote:  The only worse swimmers than hillbillies are inner city blacks. Those brothers won't get near water.

Our urban brown fellas are hopeless swimmers, too. Which is a bit odd, because they're Polynesian, and pretty well all other Polynesians swim from birth.

Even better, when they do go in the water, they're usually wearing jeans.

Lots of them drown.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Drives me crazy, that point, mate.
I've mentioned before, that when I was a life-guard, we wore speedos.
We had to. I would have preferred nudity. Despite the awesome dangly dick, I could swim faster naked than in a "Speedo".

(This should be in the "drowning" thread.)

I wish I knew the stats, but my hunch is,that ridiculous fashion statements caused innumerable drownings.
The few people I managed to save, as a life guard, would have drowned if I was forced to wear a baggy swim suit.
To this day, it worries me to see shitty swimmers, in surf, wearing crazy inappropriate swim trunks.

Our collective prudery blows my mind in this regard.
It reminds me of women, in high-heeled shoes, running from a rapist.
We're incredibly uptight about our bodies, evidently...and seriously dedicated to fashion.

I've tested myself. I swim fastest naked. I believe that Olympic swimmers would swim faster naked. I guess we'll never know.
In this age of free porn, we still can't handle a naked life-guard.
We're too prudish to even conduct a study on it.

Swimming in jeans is insanity.
Running in jeans is also insane.
Running in high-heels is extra insane.

Why are we so crazy?
Is it because of the Bible?

A life-guard in baggy shorts is a crime against humanity.
If I was the boss of the beach, I wouldn't allow people to swim in baggy shorts. It's a recipe for disaster.
(11-20-2020, 06:42 PM)stanky Wrote:  I believe that Olympic swimmers would swim faster naked.

Not if they have a big dick and the water isn't cold. That fraction of a second could be the difference between winning and losing.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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