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Hating Love
One reason we can't seem to move forward (imho) is because of the inertia of hate.
(Or scarcity; fear; danger; etc.)

An analogy of the abstract point might be this:

You grew up super poor, and never managed to taste chocolate...or maybe you grew up not-poor, but weren't allowed chocolate, for whatever reason.

And suddenly, you are liberated from either scenario, and have access to ample chocolate.

But the remnants of the soul within are pissed-off.

"Fuck You, Chocolate!", is what they say.

(This could take a long time.)

And of course, on a personal basis, we don't have much time.

Too bad Di has split again. She'd enjoy where I'm going with this.
Well, take it for a drive and see how you go.

I don't see it myself - I grew up super-poor and don't resent anything, and the things that piss me off most are fallacies and lies.

Di will be back again when she some news to taunt us with.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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