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Forum down!
If you rearrange the letters of "forum down"

well, I don't even want to tell you what it spells.

(Pretty sure it explains everything.)
"Worm found from wound"? I've got time to play around with this stuff

What's your great discovery?
I got nothing, dear.
Just messing with ya'll.

What's our moon sign?
I don't moon! But I didn't realise you had to have a sign to do it, what is it a warning sign? Cool
But since we've trashed the topic anyway, and speaking of exposing expanding holes....

Real estate, urgent sale opportunity for investors.

Makes termites look a welcome problem dunnit?
Sink holes are fascinating. They're pretty common in karst geologies, like where I live. The ground below us is like Swiss cheese; riddled with hollow spaces in the limestone, from the effects of eons of slightly acidic water eroding limestone.
(The longest known cave system on Earth; Mammoth cave; isn't far from here.)
Northern Florida is famous for this phenomena, as are parts of the Ozark plateau.

Another cause of sink holes is subsidence. When we suck out liquids from below grade, be it water or oil, it removes the support structure from the surface structure. It leaves hollow spaces below. Double whammy at the stankerosa. Karst geology plus removal of oil deposits.
I wouldn't be surprised if one day our garden gets swallowed.
(I haven't mentioned any of this to Mary. She has enough worries.)
Wise decision, no point in worrying about a problem you can't fix.

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