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off-white trash
There's a subdivision of 'white trash' that is slightly "uppity".
True white trash, if they manage to get some sheet-rock up on the walls of their shit-shack; and finally cover the fiberglass insulation, don't get around to painting it.

Until they meet a 'down-on-her-luck' gal from a slightly higher social class.
And they score some decent meth. And she gets tired of fucking and gets a wild idea that they could score some house paint for the food stamps that had been allocated for Mountain Dew purchase. (Diet for the not so little woman.)

What color paint should they get? White?

Good luck.

There's only 17 types of "off white" to choose from.
A popular (and racist) color of "Not exactly white" is Navaho White.

Who'd a thunk!

Thank you, Injuns.

Now the tobacco stains are clearly visible.

Oh, yeah...thanks for the tobacco, too.

(Need to find me an old-fashioned crack ho. They don't care about paint.)
Shades of White

Whiter Shade of Pale

White Trash

‘White Trash’ — The Original Underclass

White's Trash
"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
grayman is the bestest.
his links rock.

Plus, we've actually met.
He surely noticed that i live in a white-trash unicorn fantasy world.
Good chance the prez and fl noticed the same.

White trash delux.
With a small quirk.
No confederate flags. No guns. A shit-ton of guitars.

I'm extra white 'white trash'.

I've got no flags.
I'm a toothless old hillbilly
Come see me.

I adore stand-up comics.
I like to offer bits.

"Off-white trash" is surely a bit for someone.

I'm off-white trash.

It's a thing.
[img][Image: Bigfoot_etching.jpg][/img]
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
Gawd love Crumm.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
fer shur.

(thanks, Prez.)

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