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Some Train Stuff
That's a load off.
Somewhere there is a Loading Superintendent looking for a job as a janitor.
How does that even happen?

I've noticed that trains don't stop on dime.
It happens when dickheads are holding the wrong jobs.

That is never supposed to happen as there's people who specialise in odd sized cargo or wagon heights and they're supposed to check out the entire route for clearances, grades, etc to ensure everything has height and width clearances.

If it's too wide then the whole journey is scheduled not to encounter any other trains passing, and ensuring that sidings are available at the right time to allow other trains to pass safely.
It was a job with a fair amount of pay rate responsibility and prestige in my day.

To my 'assessment' a bridge that low on a main line wouldn't happen either so maybe that train had been rerouted without enough notice or something?
You can safely bet your house on it being put down to human error though.
Thanks, Di.

Struck me as an easily avoidable error.

But i forgot about human error.
I notice that was from USA.

Anyone seen Grayman lately?
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Do you think he's fled to Mexico? Confused
Reply hombre gris aqui...
"The moose defies domestication."
~ stanky
But where's 'here'? Tijuana?
Think this might catch on??

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