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Some Train Stuff
(04-02-2020, 06:39 AM)grayman Wrote:  Engineer tried to crash train into USNS Mercy in Los Angeles

Yes, you read that right. He tried to hit a ship with a train.

Ummm, sparks, you know I would not do that to our sailing vessel, right?

We still cool?

I had a good laugh at that story.

The levels of crazy run pretty deep.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
It must have been exciting as hell.

Do engineers often take a train ride off-track on purpose?
Posting this here simply because I did not know where else to put it, and my company services this mill, although I do not make runs  up to Maine.

"The moose defies domestication."
~ stanky
Fuckin' hell, you wouldn't have wanted to be near that.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
A National Geographic special from 1984.


"The moose defies domestication."
~ stanky
Very first time I went to Mexico, in 1982, my girlfriend Becky and I took this train.

First, from Chihuahua city to El Divisadero, where we got off for five nights. I spoke zero Spanish, Becky found us a Tarahumara guide who led us down to the Rio Urique and back up over that time. A German couple latched onto us, writer and photographer for a magazine.

Most memorable scene for me was our first night down from the top. After walking downhill on small trails most of the day our Tarahumara guide let Becky know he was heading back up to the top for the night, would see us in the morning to continue the walk down, then disappeared.

Blew my mind he was physically capable of that. Us two couples made camp, it was big time canyon wilderness. Some kind of modest backpack food, I was living super cheap back then.

It was getting dark, looked up, a native-looking fellow on the edge of our campsite was looking at us with astonishment. Maybe couldn't quite believe weird-looking motherfuckers like us were there. He had good timing, we were about to eat. Motioned him over, he obliged.

This is a long time ago but I'm pretty sure Becky tried communicating with him in Spanish and failed for the most part, probably his second language, too. We finished eating and the part I remember best is hauling out a bag of hard root beer candy for dessert, hard candy good for hiking sometimes.

Passed the bag around between us, it got to our local fellow and, zip, straight into his bag of whatever it was he had with him. I thought "what the fuck?" then... he produced a long skinny rough woven article, looks like a scarf, held it out. 

I realized that it was a trade for the candy and grabbed it, still have it now on the dashboard of my work van. 
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
I will reiterate: you lead an interesting life, Prez.
"The moose defies domestication."
~ stanky

I've allowed myself to become trapped by my job and frankly, I don't care for it much. But Prez's job continues to provide all sorts of interest.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Always wanted to explore the Copper Canyon of Mexico. The Taramhumara have fascinated me for some time.
Their crazy ability at running perverse distances, in obscenely rough terrain; sometimes barefoot, is legendary.

But i must object to the Prez's mention of Becky.

(I'm of fan of the FL)

To this day, Mary has no idea who Judy Walinsky is.
(Much less her younger sister.)

I don't even want to know what eventually happened between the Prez and "Becky".

iirc, TA has an ex. And he's had the good taste to not mention her name.

How cool would it be if she was also "Becky"?

(For the record, none of my ex's are Becky.)
(05-10-2020, 03:10 PM)stanky Wrote:  (For the record, none of my ex's are Becky.)

Nor mine.

For the record.
"The moose defies domestication."
~ stanky

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