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Miscellaneous Musical Modus
A thread for music which may not fit in the other threads. 

"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky
grayman is such a freak.

this might be the right thread for Harry Partch.

Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
I love Groucho.

I may have to reread these.
"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky

"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky

Covid-19 could help with the obesity problem.
Silver Apples was a strange 60's band.
I had there first album. I had pretty much forgotten about it until today, when i noticed this youtube:

It's labelled as "electro-glitch pop". Back then, it wasn't labelled at all, as i recall.
Around the same time, i recall several other experiments in music that fit this thread.
There was "The United States of America", for instance. They put out a fine album. Joe Byrd was genius-level weird.
Went on to make "Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies", which was pretty great.
There was also "The West Coast Pop-Art Experimental band", another record i had, because seriously...why wouldn't I?

These freakazoid bands made use of burgeoning technology; primitive as it was back then.

Lothar and the Hand People made early use of a therimin...iirc, before Brian Wilson's "Good Vibrations".
I saw them play in a seedy dive in Greenwich Village; peak freak show there at the time.

I was drawn to the experimental stuff.
I made recordings of chainsaws and breaking glass.
Tastefully done, of course. In the key of "C".

When i first heard Harry Partch, i decided to make instruments myself. They weren't real sophisticated, but made unique sounds. The uniqueness of the sound can be liberating from the usual. In fact, the normal becomes un-doable. It kind-of forces your hand.
Like an unfashionable fashion statement.

Utter lack of success in endeavors like this tend to reinforce the feeling that you're on to something. It plays into itself.
Like, you can always prove that you didn't sell out.
I made recordings of beer bottles, with varying quantities of liquid in them; on a large pan that was on my lap. I jiggled my legs rhythmically, causing the bottles to bang into each other, while i blew air over the hole. Frankly, it was damn beautiful stuff.

So pure, in fact, that it generated sub-zero dollars in revenues. There were lyrics, of course. I had a way with words.
At the peak of this ambition, i had a room full of weird equipment. I would play through a tape player; over-loaded, to achieve absurd distortion for the times. I brought 3 other idiots into the field. We practiced relentlessly. Pissed off neighbors; ran off girl-friends.

fucking glorious.
Lothar and the Hand People:

"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky

"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky

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