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Grinners 'n Groaners: Jokes
Umm, Stanky? daaarrrlin'?  That body language thing? ... that's what smilies/emoticons are used for.  RolleyesCoolBig Grin

Grayman!!  where are you getting these?  

I was driven to answer your last one with Papadum puns make me dumma but perhaps too many would agree so... oh bugger! Blush
Ms. Di might hopefully respond.
I thrive on response. We probably all do, to some extent.

To some extent, we are all attention-seeking whores.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
Sometimes I wish I was a gay, attention seeking whore.
I'd possibly get free points.
I'm too old now, to swim into a blue whale's vagina.
Or, create a floating island of gathered flotsam.

Our black dog is having a health crisis, frankly.
Me and Mary are consumed with that.

Having dogs (or even cats, god forbid) can teach us that the end-game is a heart-breaker.
If me and Mary live long enough, we are assured of several more heart-wrenching moments in our live's.
What if one of us goes before the other?
Neither of us can fathom how bad that would suck.

Yet the odds are good, eh?
Serious heart-break.

How to embrace that?
Or, protect one's self from the pain by adopting a socio-pathic alternative approach?
That last one works okay, but it doesn't make you any new friends. ...boomtish.

Of course we're all attention seeking whores, christ knows we're not doing so well at attracting money, but attention is free so that's a win all round.

Black dogs are associated with depression Stanky, not a good sign, but I hope he?'ll stay wth you a while longer in reasonably good condition. I still miss Belle sometimes, they do break your heart when they get to exit first.

Was there anything else on your mind requiring response??
Ms. Di is the only one I would expect to respond to the above.
She has the time,and the chops, to address my deep philosophizi-farting.

This is the shit the lurkers should be checking out.
Kids, pretty soon people like she and me will be dead.
Our stories, too.

Point being,

How about a raffle here, as to who dies first? Me, the young buck that made some mistakes, or her, the older, more conservative woman? True, women tend to live longer. And Di doesn't do any good drugs. My money is on her.
(It's math, for me.)
(Yesterday, 04:12 PM)stanky Wrote:  Take this to the next step, and we have "Deep-Fake" technology.
It's gotten really good.

Terrifyingly good, in fact.

I blame Forrest Gump.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Dunno about that order of exit Stanky, my family average lifespan is 60, I'm 15 years past my 'Use by' date already.
That would change the odds a tad.

....bloody Forrest Gump has a lot to answer for. (Mostly for a fairly boring movie.)
Whatever, girl.

Place your bets!

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