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Time to head for that shelter!
(8 hours ago)sparks Wrote:  I'm outta my element on this.  What's it really mean in terms of a human understanding of time?  I mean, I read somewhere legit that since viruses reproduce very quickly, the chances of a mutation are quite high.

Yep, exactly that, and as you will have noticed in the first paragraph: RNA viruses mutate faster than DNA viruses and the SARS-CoV-2 virus (to use the name of the virus, not the disease) is RNA, therefore susceptible to frequent changes.

The best comparison is probably norovirus, which mutates a couple of times every year. Sometimes it's stringer, sometimes it's weaker.

Which way this one goes is anyone's guess. What I like is how closely the severe and fatal cases mirror the virus in The Stand. People are just on the verge of thinking they're over it when, wham!, it jumps back up and eats your lungs. I wonder if Stephen King knows that?

I imagine the chances of the virus becoming stronger or weaker are about 50/50, because they're random.
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question for TA, because he seems to know about economic stuff:

For them that play at the casino of the stock market, does the economic impact of the near halt of production in parts of China and South Korea offer a nice betting option? Are players poised to make money on the negative economic ripples from this virus?
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