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Mrs A is watching 12 Years a Slave right now.

I can't do it myself - I know what happens and the whole business of slavery fucks me off so much I can't sit and watch that shit.

It's what made America great - nothing like free labour to grow your culture. Ask a white South African about the standard of living there under Apartheid if you were white.

Just as well the sky-daddy loves slavery.

As long as they're black.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Not just Umerca TA. (And by no means do I offer this as an excuse!!! There can never be such a thing.) Recall your history lessons my friend. All through out the 'civilizations' of humans we've had slavery: Humans using humans as property.

And it is indeed disgusting.

And color doesn't really matter. Those who've been enslaved come in all colors. Including white. Just ask the Jews. They weren't the first to enslave and be enslaved, but they were pretty good at both. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Don't kid yourself Sparky, the inventors of slavery were cave men 'owing' captured women from other tribes.

What is it with crediting the Jews with all the opportunist bad habits?  
Human propensity to exploit whatever opportunity arises, including each other,  has been around a lot longer than they have,  they turned it into an art form better than most but they didn't invent it nor have they ever been the sole practitioners.

They got good at it as a defence strategy.  As you acknowledge, they were enslaved themselves a few times, they were smart enough to use the lessons of those experiences to shape strategies accordingly better than most.

A lot of anti-semitism is plain envy from bad losers I reckon.  

One of the saddest human failings is to resent and punish those more successful, instead of choosing to learn their methodology.

...but maybe that's just me, I'm a bit weird apparently. Blush Confused
"...but maybe that's just me, I'm a bit weird apparently."

Say it isn't so. Smile

Name one fucking culture that at one point or other, didn't do the slavery thing. I dare say you'll be hard pressed to come up with one.

It's not a cultural thing but a human thing. I pick on the Jews because they always claim that Gawd told them to do so as an excuse. And if anyone is going to ignite WWIII, it'll be blamed on Gawd.

Stupid fucking sand-fuckers.

"Do you believe there is an afterlife?"


"No vote for you, idiot."

"But I have rights!!!"

"Officer, get this true bleever out of here stat!"
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

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