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The American Medical Association. AMA:

Pretty good rant by this guy:

Has some real cred.
A comedian/physician.

You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Lit up a few bulbs for me. Our AMA has acquired 'Vatican status' too and that was a good hint about where to look for what's going titsup even here in the costs of health services.

Medicare has it reined in to certain extent but the Health Inusurers are circling like Gt Whites and government is cringing from AMA proclamations. Not all of ours are in the association either but those who are number in their ranks the big 'society specialists' with lots of very important little pink ears to whisper into at the cocktail parties.

The answer is always under the pot of gold at the end of the money trail. No quacks here that I know of have had the guts to call them out. If your system is an example how health insurance becomes the dog wagging tail then we should get a hard loud head-sup too.

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