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I'd like a chance to explain myself, in depth.
Oddly enough, i'm suddenly vacant.

I hate to be put on the spot like this.
Could be for best darlin' I think we're running on explanation overload today.  

I've had a great day.  Started it with a big rant, kept it going with a few small ones,  and just had another ripper.  Not time to fold up yet so I may have more ammo left if I can scrape up some more incentive.

I'll have a look around and see if there's anything I've missed having a shot at. Angel
I need to take a break from the forum.

Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
always loved the Kinks. Even learned to play their first couple hits.
(got a feeling grayman did, too.)

anyway, rumor has it the the Davie bros are going to reunite the band and maybe bang out a new album.
generally speaking, i've found that old guys can't bang out great records, and maybe they should retire.

Especially old white guys.

(see what i did there? I offset my innate ageism with a half twist on racism.)

hence, emerging unscathed.

Hybrid PC.

It's the latest thang.
"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky

This is a really fun song to play.

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