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I'm extra done
I can't be here any more if I don't get to argue with sparky.

I have other things to do.

(Mary has a huge list of shit i could be doing instead. sweeping; scrubbing; that sort of stuff.)

sure, this is  form of 'whinny little cunt' syndrome.

And I'm holding sparky hostage.

Is anyone cool with me bailing?

I'm not cool with it. I'm not cool with Sparky bailing either. Get over yourselves girls!

We're better than that.

.We're all entitled to take hissy fits but we're also entitled to expect us to get over it and carry on as normal.

I was so needing a hissy fit.

OK, i'm over it.
How about this?

If sparky doesn't come back, i will castrate myself on Instagram. And kill this cute kitten.

yeah, that's a lie. I would never kill a cute kitten, and I don't even know what Instagram is.

but i do have a chainsaw.
And i don't need these balls anymore.

Point being, i want sparky back.
I kind-of love sparky.

I tend to see this site as a testing site.
Could me and sparky survive for months at sea?
You can't just quit at sea.

Everyone is bumbed about sparky leaving.
Me, the worst...on account of causing it.

I'm so full of shit, even my dick is made of shit.
Last time i ejaculated, diarrhea spewed forth.
(Give it up. Doesn't get more full of shit than that.)

and it smelled bad.


please, sparky?
Can't you just ignore me?
Don't you see that all the others here want you back?

It's like you're drowning a kitten...and it's all my fault.

It's not like i didn't have other concerns.
I have shit I'm supposed to be doing.
Ask Mary.

For whatever reason, if she sees me writing, she postpones her relentless nagging.
(Bless her heart)

And you, dear sparky, provide a fair % of my escape from that wrath.
(Bless her heart.)

Why can't we just hug?
btw, I'm not a huggy sort of old hippy. I don't like to touch people, mostly.

Which is why i'm all about the 'air hug'.
It's like the air kiss, except more gnarly.
There's no contact.
So, you can do it from behind, if that's your groove.

Oh shit. Is this in the welcome thread?
(this can't look good.)
I hope Sparky finds a new cat. A gnarly sassy one that he can bond with. Maybe a kitten too? for balance.

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