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sub 2 hour marathon...a giant leap for mankind:
Of course. It isn't equivalent to a man on the moon.

But it is analogous.

The slow march of athletic expression is a conglomerate effort.
I loosely follow sports of individual achievement, like track and field; swimming; gymnastics; cycling and such.
(nerd city)

anyway, the strict record keeping is a graph of human physical advancement and potential.
(It's fairly sciency.)
I was a wee lad when Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile. A milestone.
And later, the sub-ten minute 100 meters. The 8' high jump; 20' pole vault; etc., etc.

There's an awesome video of Jesse Owens embarrassing the Nazis in their hey day. He crushed the Arayans. What's seldom mentioned is that another black guy came in second, right on Jesse's heels.

It's not that the human form is getting's a matter of all the collaboration that changed the surface of the tracks; the shoes; the nutrition and weight training; the money to enable a life of dedication to an obscure event; supplements; hyperbaric chambers; computer analyses of every step and every opponent's steps....all that stuff.

That's why Usain Bolt was so much faster than Jesse.
Almost a second faster.

Very different lives, though.

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