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Pun opportunity. ..sorry.
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
Still, as bold experiments go, I think that one was worth while. Much was learned.

PV solar power is really in its infancy. There's lots of breakthroughs happening with new materials and production techniques.

There's a fair chance we could get this down in the not too distant future.
It will be a game changer.

Bound to be some hiccups along the way.
I saw that story, and it was a spectacular fail alright, and one that shows why scientists should get out of the bunker more often. It was never going to work, and I don't see how it can, until we get to a means of being able to trap solar energy without needing a glass-like surface.

The future for roads isn't turning them solar, but having embedded electricity, like a subway track.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
My concern is that this "spectacular fail" will be seen as evidence that solar energy doesn't work.
(True, I'm shamelessly pro-solar)

In the realm of spectacular fails, however, this one doesn't earn a blip on the radar.

We already have many means to 'trap solar energy' without glass-like surfaces.
Ironically, one of those ways to do it is by oxidation of fossil fuels...which is why we're in this mess we're in.
Photo-synthesis is another popular way to do it. They say it isn't very efficient, as per what % of the incoming radiation can be converted to bio-mass...but it's good enough to feed and clothe us and make the planet habitable.
Nobody is seeing it as a failure of solar power Stanky, just a failure of common sense about where and how to use it.
I've wondered if there is someway to harness the heat generated from a tarred road without involving solar panels. No idea how that would be done of course but they use pipe buried to generate ground heat in some of those 'Grand Designs' home building shows so why not use piping under a road to store heat for at least nearby use?
The roads get hot enough to melt the tar here on a good day and even in winter the friction of the traffic warms it.

Everyone got overexcited about 'proving' the whizzbang solar option without thinking it through and used gold plating where chrome would have sufficed. ... but someone made a fortune out of it. It wasn't the French tax payer though.

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