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Text Pilot

That was funny.

Because it's true.


Imagine if we had a handle on all the crazy stuff that happens in response to jealousy and the desperation of the jilted lover.
It might be the number one cause of all wildly irrational and violent behavior.

You'd think we'd be privy to the captain's relationship health before boarding the plane.
Like, a version of drug testing.

OK, you passed the drug test... but is your ol' lady fucking your best friend? And you're coming down with a touch of suicidal inclinations that are going around? And you might be thinking "Oh, fuck it. What's the point?"

Horny guys that can't get laid are possibly the most dangerous people on Earth.
And the lucky ones, that finally get laid, and fall in they get dumped with little ceremony and a hefty fine, out.

That's a bomb likely to go off.
Free new underpants for all passengers & crew.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

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