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Note for ISF members
No one will know what it means.

oh, wait...

I get it.

(Um, are you calling me 'grungy'?)

I do wish you could see me now.

I'm so grungy, even my visitors are put off.

(my grunge is true)

we have this young friend here tonight. Fresh out of jail for the umpteenth time.
He's between gal-pals and jobs and vehicles and licenses and such.
I've known him since he was a baby.
He's radically wild and charismatic; raised by wolves, basically.
I wish i could share him with you.

He's going to nurse his wounds at the stankerosa and help me build some stuff.

If i told you this kid's story, you'd likely not believe it.

This really is another world.
They are exactly the stories we should want to hear.
But only if they want them told.

I know some weird and wonderful stories about some off the beaten trail types, but their stories are not mine to tell and they are too close to treat as we would a stranger's story. Maybe when they die? but then it may hurt others connected to them, so ... probably won't be told.
You get it.

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