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What's the reaction to Boris in the States?

Having the vapours over his dodgy and kind of comedic domestic capers?
The hairdo spinning Americans out?
Muelller investigating if there is a genetic link between him and Donny?  they look like bookends!

Just curious if anyone even noticed him?

His elevation seems okay with the Poms, and is met with amused approval here as he has a fetish for Oz and that'll help with the trade deals. 

We, and the Poms, take a different view of politicians' private lives.  The more outrageous they are the more interesting they become.  We don't trust 'saints'.
I thought you knew this...

In America, we pay no attention to other countries unless we have to bomb them.

I'd guess 1% of Americans have even heard of Boris.

That's what it's like here.
Kinda like how there is maybe four Americans who know who Scomo is, and they are on this forum.
"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky
Oh, now that is a serious pity 'cos Boris is a well of entertainment. Makes Trump downright boring!

BoJo is ugly as a hatful but draws chicks like flies. That alone makes him at least interesting. He's an eccentric, has no sense of shame, just shrugs off face plants and smiles wryly. No idea how odd his political views are but he decided at 10 that he would be PM and he's got there.

I'm interested in Pommy politics for the first time since the Profumo scandals, and it's all down to Boris.
[Image: Johnson-Trump.png?t=1564048282]
"as the pope, i nominate grayman for sainthood.." - stanky

There are quite a lot of Aussies, in journalism and politics who've known Boris since his schooldays.
There are varying opinions of his political leanings, mainly because they change with the wind, but one thing all have been in accord on.  His IQ.

 No matter how much he clowns around, and stuffs up his private life, and plays the fool,  never make the mistake of judging his IQ by his personality.  He is a very smart operator.

An example was given by a political staffer who knew him from when he was still at Eton and then worked with him in an election campaign more recently.

Boris appears not to be across his subject in interviews.  
This is seen as incompetence when in reality his modus operandi was always to delegate the mundane to staffers to allow him to concentrate on the overall solutions rather than get bogged in the details.

He even did it at school, sent others to fetch the relevant books rather than waste time looking for them.
  Sounds like a smart move to me.  
What politician is really dedicating thought to solutions when they are more obsessed with memorising figures to spew forth at an interview to impress some journalist?   That talent is indicative of their memory, not their IQ and lateral thinking capabilities.

Found this connection to Oz  He's looking at implementing our immigration system and is studying if it would work in the UK.    Nice to think we can teach the Poms something.

They have a 'moat' too so it may work, but they're closer to Europe than we are to Asia so good luck with that.

TA will come storming in to inform us what a frothing Tory arsehole BoJo is but that's par for the course and depends on your 'ology point of view.   I'm watching him the same way I watch Trump,  for the entertainment and the 'game' of trying to figure out what they're really up to and how good they are at getting away with it.

I enjoy the moves and don't fret much on the effects. I just like to watch them screwing each other over.
mea culpa, I'm a shameless political voyeur. Blush

Here's some of his 'moments' finer and not so much.

"Oh get stuffed!" in Pommy parliament raised a laugh, I doubt if Donny told Nancy to "get stuffed" that would have been the reaction.   ...different strokes.

His style of delivery may be lost on American political tastes but humourous demolition of opposing members is scored highly by we in he W'minster system.  It's an old tradition.  It's why you can't sue anyone for what they say in parliament.
The call "Parliamentary Privelege"  Coward's Castle but it does afford the opportunity for some fine and funny performances as well as being a loophole for just downright slander.   Swings and roundabouts. 

Notice the wry humour in this diatribe, Boris is 'playing it'  just as Donny does.

He's far more clever than Trump.

Trump is a humorless moron that is obsessed with his image.
Boris is way more fun.

I get the feeling he may have read a book at some point.

Trump is a total dick of a human being. That's what he has to offer...being a total dick of a human being.
He does play it straighter (badly) than Boris, but both are pushing the buttons which trigger the chooks to squawk and flap.

There was a polly here, 20 years ago, running Queensland like an emperor who was to outside appearance an 'orrible bastard but he had a sense of humour too, and btw, was the best thing that ever happened to Queensland. But he had a saying about being interviewed by journalists who he held in low esteem. "I have to go and feed the chooks." He enjoyed the hell out of saying outrageous things to make them 'squawk and flap'. (He was a Kiwi by birth ... if that matters.)

Regan played it for the humour and did it well. But he was an actor and they're professional liars by trade.
Regan's popularity was analogous to the popularity of Bud Light in America.

We just buy the shit.
Here's one for him.!n1%5d%3a8935&user_id=1027030745c8c35b58f3989a58798cd921e327c859fe320df46d80002be55e30&WT.tsrc=email&WT.mc_id=Email%7c%5bnews_sfmc_newsmail_am_df_!n1%5d%7c8935ABCNewsmail_topsto​ries_articlelink

Knife crime has risen here too, it was only ever heard of when women used them to off their husbands. Now it seems to be normal attire.

Am I stretching the bow to note that knife crime rose in rough proportion to immigrant cultures being assimilated?
Knives as weapons weren't part of UK or our culture so why knives now?

Interesting graph for the UK. 285 killed by stabbing 29 by shooting. They're just as dead but interesting figures.
Shooting is 7th on the list of homicide techniques, below 'explosion' at 34 are they doing over there?? Oh yeah, car bombs.

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