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Good TV
Starting this thread and it'll be a short one 'cause there's not really very much good TV, but...

I started re-running my copy of the series 'Twilight Zone'.  Goddamn these things hold up really well.  All the way from the weirdest of believable stuff to heart warming stuff that'll bring tears to your eyes to heart breaking stuff that'll also bring tears to your eyes.

These guys including Serling himself really knew how to bloody well write for TV.

I don't imagine you guys got this stuff down under except through syndication after the fact, but please tell me you have seen it?  If not, you may be able to get it on DVD/Blu-ray that'll play in your region. 

Holy shit.  They don't make 'em like this any more.  Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
I say that all the time about TV. I watch lots of old series, and as far as Twilight Zone goes, I have a stack ripped off YouTuibe, which seems to have most of them.

I watched them on TV during the '70s, along with some Pommy series that were of similar nature.

As you say, fucking brilliant. If you get the chance, have a look at a British TV series called The Avengers, but make sure it's one of the series with Diana Rigg in. A perfect example of how TV can be entertaining, thrilling and hilarious all at the same time.

Now, we have Married at First Sight. Progress.
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Avengers. Indeed. It played here in the States. They're all good, but the Emma Peel episodes are my favs.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
British television gave me quite a few programs to watch in my youth.  

One I recall was a series that ran briefly called The Persuaders!. Tony Curtis and Roger Moore playing opposite types solving crime together.

On the American side, I find myself enjoying the old Perry Mason series with Raymond Burr, having read most of Earle Stanley Gardner's novels.
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We got most of the top rating US TV shows. We only had a few channels like 3 in Sydney when TV started here, which was far later than in the States, mid 50s from memory, we didnt have a TV until the late 50s. There were eventually just 5 channels for years, then only comparatively recently we get all the satellite channels. But because we had so few it meant that we got the best shows.

There were government restrictions on how much percentage of media any one person or company could own so that restricted it as we didn't have all that many billionaires who would invest in starting up rival broadcast companies.

It was better though than the UK which had similar restrictions and I think they had even less choice than we did.

First program we saw when we switched on our own TV was Casey Jones. Apt considering the railway connection.

We got the Westerns, Wagon Train Gunsmoke etc, and Perry Mason and the Twilight Zone was a never miss show.
The Alfred Hitchcock offerings were great, and the "Detective" shows. The only ones we didn't bother with much were the family sitcoms. They were soooo twee and cutesie they were sickening.

We watched more UK shows I think than American on average. The comedies certainly, and documentaries, by the 80s the British crime shows were far superior than the US ones. Still are.
(07-18-2019, 01:30 AM)sparks Wrote:  Avengers. Indeed.  It played here in the States.  They're all good, but the Emma Peel episodes are my favs.

Holy crap - I rediscovered an episode the other day where Emma was wearing a one-piece, skin-tight suit, going to a fancy-dress party as a rabbit.

Another one I'd gladly be older to have appreciated her more at the time. Brunettes like her could wean me off blondes. Fuck, she was hot.

(07-18-2019, 06:13 AM)grayman Wrote:  British television gave me quite a few programs to watch in my youth.  
Did you get Pommy police dramas? There were a couple of masterpieces in the '70s - The Sweeney and The Professionals.
Made US crime drama look very, very second rate.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
The missus and I prefer to watch British police shows rather than the American ones. They seem to be more about character and plot development over car chases, explosions, and gunfights.
"(my grunge is true)" - stanky
The Sweeney was a ripper.
The Avengers was good value but I obviously didn't get as much entertainment from it as you blokes. Rigg didn't do a thing for me. It was camp as a row of tents looking back on it but that's what gave it the edge. It was about taking the mickey with classsss.

Some shows only the Poms could do, like Minder.
There's a few Brit comedies i've enjoyed.
Fawlty Towers; Keeping up Appearances; Absolutely Fabulous...
I think they're all on you tube now.

American sit-coms seem hell bent to sell a lifestyle that goes with the products in the ads.
Everyone is inexplicably wealthy.
Even Homer Simpson.

The Honeymooners was an exception in the regard. Ralph Cramden was a bus driver, and lived in a shit hole apartment with his wife, in NYC.
These days, she'd also need a full time job for them to afford that dump.

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