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quantum mechanics is starting to piss me off
Thanks. I'll be here all week. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
quarky and sparks reverse world lines... or is it sparky and quarks?
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
I'm happy to give Quarky/Stanky top billing when we do our World Tour. Smile

BTW-- We can also reverse gravity, time, and those horrible grass stains on kids clothing.

For a very respectable fee, of course. Stank? What say ye? Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
I'm on board, Captain.
Give him a moment, he's trying to phone Dr Who for advice on that reversal of gravity and time trick.
Well, if you run Time backwards, some really elementary shit breaks down and that's how you know Time is being revealed in reverse in this thought experiment.

My first suggestion: Energy always moves from high ... 'density' ... to lo density. It's a basic in the propagation laws. It must be so. If you find it's being broken, you know your onto something. If something hot gets hotter by making the cold even more cold, you let me know!

We'll share the Nobel Prize. Good start on The Boat Fund.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
As a kid, I wasn't allowed comic books.
Naturally, I read as many as i could at friend's houses.

Superman had the ability to time travel by spinning around faster than"C".

Iirc, clockwise got him to the future; counter clockwise; the past.

Oddly enough, he mostly used this extraordinary ability for the most mundane of conceal his secret identity from the suspicious mind of that pesky reporter, Lois Lane.

I always hated this inherent weakness in Superman.
I thought of ways in which he wouldn't need a secret identity. Maybe he could ignore Lois? Let her drop to her death? Afterall, people die all the even Superman couldn't do much about it.

In this clandestine zone of my formative years, even before i wanted Superman to use his x-ray vision to see women's tits, I did appreciate things like the imp from the 5th dimension (Mr. Myxtlyplx); the unpredictable effects of red kryptonite; his dog, Krypto; the bizarro world; Braniac's minature city in a jar; the fortress of solitude; stuff like that.

Hence, Superman became something of a God substitute...however flawed.
Sure, he didn't have much fun. Wasn't funny; couldn't have sex; had to have a humiliating full time job with a shitty boss (Perry White); etc; etc.

Still, it wasn't as shitty as Jesus and his super powers. He also wasn't funny and couldn't have sex. And it got worse.

Enter theology; the Easter Bunny; Santa Claus and so on.


QM to the recuse of my damaged psyche.

and that explains who i am.

Who are you?
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"(my grunge is true)" - stanky
grayman is the best.

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