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quantum mechanics is starting to piss me off
occasionally, i feel like i'm starting to understand

'feel' is the right word, too.
'it' feels like a pure thought, without other random crap smacking into it and bringing on the decoherence.

the part that intrigues me is the interface between a lose particle and it's crazy mechanics, and the moment it loses its virginity and teams up with something in the classical world.

the dilemma is that the act of measuring introduces the free agent into a macro universe.
imagine the difficulty of an experiment, out to learn something about a lose particle, without exposing it to some tiny amount of the classical world. it's as though the little bugger is itching to interact with stuff...and that's it's true nature...its features appear as it begins to be part of something larger.

Our ability to isolate and study sub-atomic wavy-bits is an aberration, of sorts. it's a damn obscure thing, our curiosity about the nature of reality. we've really gone out on a limb for it. particle accelerators (like Cern) aren't cheap. and they need a staggerig amount of power, however briefly, to slam two bits together; going at speeds near "C". 

that's an insane collision! it bashes the shit out of those 'thing-ish' units. various sensors attempt to record all the bloddy sub-bits that get strewn about.

to anthropomorphize the situational, the wee-bits are totally confused. they never existed before, in many cases. it's bound to act weird. until it can reunite with the pre-existing world.

it's a truly un-natural state of matter that we've created, and it's devilishly difficult to observe.and then there's the tedious interpretation of the data. we're some sick fucks for even wanting to know any of this. there is that.

i'm in, almost against my better judgement.

i might ramble on about this for a bit here, just to flush it from my system.
Perhaps they need a time machine to observe the thingamys a millisecond before they were originally observed??  Cool
That's the wish-think.

The actual experiments; especially the recent ones, make use of optics and switches that are quick enough to catch the progress of a photon moving a few meters.

It's like a zillion times faster than the cameras that are used for chicken porn.
(Any one that grew up on a farm, or even a white trash suburb will understand that.)

Still, it can generate new chickens.

Or eggs.

I've digressed.

By some accounts, it's the very nature of "space-time"; sometimes thought of as a 4th dimension, that supplies the features of the particle's behavior...which are reliable when expressed as a %.

It's akin to the hard math of the 50-50 odds of a male or female baby. Sure, there's slight fluctuations among humans, but it comes close to even odds.

Feminism aside, shouldn't we expect that sperm with the xy flavor would be stronger swimmers; more aggressive; than the double x version?

I'm trying to give this QM lecture a more human angle.
There's not much human involved in QM except the curiosity to 'wanna watch it'.

... that different dimension/4th/whovian spacetime continuum stuff may hold a whole 'new' universe of scientific answers but we'd better shhhhhh about it or we'll upset Sparky.

Has he been out stealing new kittens yet?? Hasn't mentioned cats in a while.
It's OK peeps. Rant all you like about QM and other mysteries. You see, I just don't give a shit anymore. Smile

No new kitties yet Di.

But soon! My problem is I want to rescue all of them. Then I'd have to have a sex change operation so I could play the 'crazy cat lady' angle up correctly...

That'd be ... ugly. Just fuggin' ugly!
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

I'm a bit threatened by that development, sparky.
(In as much as it might impact my fantasy of escape by sea.)

I want to accommodate you as much as i can...because I don't know sailing.

But i'm a dog guy; all the way.

Is there some kind of hormone replacement therapy or drug..or even radical surgery , that could turn me into a crazy cat lady?

(my cat is pissing me off lately. It's been stalking the wren that's making a nest in my room.)

I have an idea:

Didn't you mention that you have an affinity for the ducks at your new white-trash compound?

Maybe ducks are the answer?

(We could dress them up as cats.)
Schrodinger's duck?
Anyone starts dressing up ducks and I'm outa here!
Yea, the ducks here in White Trash Trailer Park Villa are quite interesting. If you feed them regularly, they're just like pets. I tell you there's something weird about this place in that we have outdoor cats here and yet, they don't attack the ducks or the bunnies either. I see them together on the same lawn and they just leave each other alone. If I let any of my previous cats outside, they'd be hunting both ducks and rabbits.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
How fat are the cats??

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