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why does nature have to suck?
There is no philosophy sub-forum here, so i'm going with the 'common' for this spewage.

I was just looking at a you-tube regarding vampires in nature. Blood suckers, basically.

In a way, it's charming that mosquitoes have little midges that suck at them, most of their lives.
Much as we hate them, mosquitoes have a dreadful life. You wouldn't want to be one. They almost never suck our blood, in general.
Males, never. Females, only when they're about to lay eggs...and even then, they only need one blood meal to pull it off.
It's as reasonable as if we only had one friend that asks to borrow money. Hard to bitch about it, with so many people.

My recent interface with a young fawn got me thinking about the basic condition of life on this plane. It's mostly ghastly, from the perspective of the very lucky or deluded happy human.

The fawn was capable of looking at me. In a mammalian way....with a touch of human to it.
A fawn's odds suck. Most must die. They feel pain. They cry out. They want their mommy. But maybe she got run over by a car, several hours ago. Or shot by a hunter.
The one Mary rescued recently, had at least 15 ticks, clustered around the soft tissue near the eyeball. That has to suck.

But then, what about the life of a tick? Can we empathize with that? The diseases they carry are fucking with them. Most baby ticks will slowly starve to death, waiting for that host. Being a tick is no panacea. Poor babies.

In deep ponderings about why nature must suck, i had to imagine being god, and coming up with a different approach, with less of the awfulness. And i came up blank.
Probably because i'm an organism in this system, and lack the mechanism to go beyond that. Like, you can't solve a problem from within the system that created it. Nature.

Still, there are some ideas out there that could give us solace...including the idea that solace is a dead-end street.

In part two, i will attempt to describe another dimension; a different configuration of the quantum bit-waves.

I'm sorry, Di...but you are obligated to read this. Everyone else gets a pass.
And you will punish me for this. You'll write a crazy long rant about whatever, ( fucking liberals, probably) and I'll read it.

Because we made a deal.

(To get you in the mood.)
"Nature. Red in tooth and claw."

Just the way it is baby.

Not watching that video. That was just too fucking ugly before pressing 'Play'. No way in hell.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

btw, how are you, sparky?
You had a health scare thingedy.
If i ever could speak for all of us here, i'm pretty sure it would be in regard to our concern for you and your well-being.

You know I've been wallowing in quantum mechanics of late.
I find it to be beyond the grasp of logic.
It's a very untidy zone for the normal thinking.

There are many credible physicists that resolve the weirdness of the itty-bitty by suggesting the role of consciousness.
And several that suggest that the universe at large, is a conscious entity.

I'm not particularly offended by such bizarre conjectures. But many sane scientists they should be.

Anyway, my next post might urk you...but it's not my intent.

If anything, my intent is to punish our resident babe, Ms. Di.
Ms Di is going to put off watching that until after dinner .. it's about that time so I don't want to be thinking of natures nasties while deciding what to cook.
Nature does Karma!
Mentioned in another thread, got a clean bill of health from my cardiologist two days ago (Friday here). I can eat whatever I want so long as it doesn't include any carbs, I quit the smokes, and I'm gonna make the time to start running again (just not for another couple of weeks he says). Meds have the heart rate and BP well in hand and I've resolved to adopt a couple more furball chowder heads in about a month, so all is well.

Only thing I yearn for is to be independently wealthy. I enjoy some peeps at work and the work itself, but it's the never ending pack of fucking idiots that wears on a person. I'd much rather spend my time sailing the boat to NZ and other exotic ports. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Excellent news on all fronts!
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Thanks TA.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
"In part two, i will attempt to describe another dimension; a different configuration of the quantum bit-waves."

"Anyway, my next post might urk you...but it's not my intent."

No worries here my friend. You know full well that if you try to pass speculation off as fact, I'm calling BS on you...right? Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
At the core of reality, there is speculation.

You know that, right?

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