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(06-11-2019, 09:14 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:   
I used to do 2 hour round trips down there to buy the best meat pies on the planet. 

I've always done that. 40 years ago, my first wife & I used to drive 100km to get pies from Thames, stopping at country art galleries on the way back.

On one occasion, I was faced with the choice of buying a watercolour by George Curle, or an oil by Gaston de Vel.

Today, the de Vel is worth $50,000, while the Curle is worth $500.

Guess which one I bought...
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Yeah, but you got the pies.
We have to have our priorities in order to lead a happy life.  

That's the one big bummer about selling the car, no more trips to towns with better pies. siiiigh.

But miracles happen.  It seems the management of this 'gated community' have discovered that they own a bus!
It's been resting in a garage in another town for some years and only taken out once a year to get re registered.
The facility it used to service has changed and it's no longer used so they've had an epiphany and decided to bring it up to this village and let us use it for day trips. For free!   hallelujah.  

We have to supply a driver and cover the fuel costs,  which is fair enough, and we already have 2 living here with the correct licence levels to drive it and they're up for the job for a free lunch.   Sounds like a plan.

  (They're both good drivers too, I see one of them backing a caravan around the tight corners to park it up after a trip and he can plant that thing on sixpence!  Pretty to watch.  He drives volunteer firetrucks for a 'hobby' in the fire season. The other is a semi-retired truckie, still does a few jobs for mates when they're short of drivers for short trips)  We're not all clapped out derros.

Now the shit fights will begin over where we go on the trips.   We may be old but we're still humans, bless us.

I'll be voting for places that have good fish and pie shops, or good pub lunches.  The rest can make their own arrangements.
Peachy news, love.

Plus, you'll have the added excitement of working a cooperative effort, and all those hassles and victories.

Are you in a position to bribe the others? Or win them over with persuasive charm? Evil spells?

We want to see you get those pies.

How far must you travel?

Imagine if an asshole like me lived there...I'd be voting for seeing a tree wallaby, in the wild.

Is that even possible?

(I'd definitely be down for a stop on the way back home for the fish.)

Do the people where you live have any clue about what a freak you are, or your secret world here?
Are you able to disguise yourself as normal?

Do you have a pant suit in the closet?

Am i being nosy?

(I'm really glad i've never seen a picture of you. I like to remember you just the way I picture you.)
Not a pant suit no but I haven't worn anything with a skirt on it since about 1975.

No most of them have no idea about my 'double life'. Any sign of intelligent interest in subjects beyond grandchildren is taken as affronting, puzzling, and threatening. Luckily I have a neighbour who has no problem with my odd interests so I just ignore the rest of them as best I can.

A 7th Dayer couple have moved upstairs and they're good people, too good to get offside with, so I tread really carefully with them. ...actually there are no people now who I'd like to deck. The old bugger who really did need decking has died.

I'm not good with people so the bus trips, if I go on them, will be a workout. We'll see how that goes.

Don't know of any good pie shops but there's a town up the coast does good fish lunches, they do beef cheeks and lamb shanks too so that may be a popular lunch stop.

There's a take-away fish shop in Woopi run by some half Maoris that turn out a bewdiful battered fish. They're a goer too. Unfortunately the people also in Woopi, who ran the best Chinese restaurant within 500kms have sold up and retired. bugga.

...umm I think I mentioned before that Woopi appears as Woolgoolga on maps.
wild names you have there.
We have names like "Defeated; Static; Marrowbone; Bone Lick; Eighty-eight; Nancy; Bad News; etc.

I like Ooga-Booga better.
Woop Woop in Oz is equivalent of Bumphuck over there. Woolgoolga was that kind of town. People in the district called it Woop Woop then it got shortened to Woopi. No one minds, some of the shops signs use it and it's easier to spell and cheaper to put on a sign.

It's actually quite a nice town, good beach, and climate and bananas growing everywhere, it was just a bit dull a few decades ago.

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