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Can you help out??
This is the hot petition in Oz at the moment,  growing by the moment.

It's in reaction to the defeat of the climate change policies in the recent election and calls on people to state their support for a wind farm in Abbott's old electorate of Warringah in accordance with the wishes of the only voters who seem to want them.

The people in that electorate voted for renewables at any cost,  and it's up to the rest of us to support their wishes.

Please sign, the donation pleas are easily avoided. 

Do it for the planet!!

Not kidding.  It's pro renewable power windmills, why wouldn't you sign a petition to get that happening??

...  it's the perfect petition.  It is the only one I've ever seen which can be signed by both sides of the argument for totally different reasons. 

Everyone who doesn't live in Warringah believes totally that the 'silver tail' trendy hipster phony envirowarriors in Sydney's version of the Hamptons deserve to have the windmills in their own multi million dollar backyards, and on their beaches,  and presumably those in Warringah who voted for draconian climate policies want them, right?,  so it's a win win isn't it??

heh heh ... this is unquestionably the most brilliant political snooker ever devised.   It's just bloody brilliant!

The blond climate pixie who won can't protest about the idea can she??  After all, that was the only policy she had!

... the irony is so intense in this it has to be fattening. Heart CoolAngel

... see what I mean about how much fun we have down here with politics??   The trick is not to take it all so seriously, it's a bloody hoot and just keeps on giving.

And seriously, if you believe in building wind farms in rich people's yards instead of just pestering farmers with them and wasting arable land to house the eyesores then SIGN IT!

C'mon, strike a blow for the planet and against the rich bastards all in one place.   why wouldn'tcha ?? Big Grin
Cape Wind: Requiem for a dream

Quote:Also opposing the project had been the late Ted Kennedy, the Democratic Massachusetts senator and one-time presidential candidate who backed wind power elsewhere. The famous Kennedy compound is on Cape Cod, part of the nearby mainland
"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
Quote:Also opposing the project had been the late Ted Kennedy, the Democratic Massachusetts senator and one-time presidential candidate who backed wind power elsewhere. The famous Kennedy compound is on Cape Cod, part of the nearby mainland.

In all fairness, the relentless opposition to the project included lawsuits filed by local Native American tribes, ordinary fishermen and residents, and tourism-related interests, albeit often backed by APNS.

Trust had become an issue. As Deepwater Wind vice president Clint Plummer told a Make Consulting panel earlier this year: "Cape Wind died because they were unable to build enough trust with local communities to get past years of litigation."

That's close to the opposition to wind farms here. 

The political class all scream that  the fossil fuel investors are behind all opposition to the lucratively subsidized renewables money pot, but in reality the majority of opposition comes from the people trying to make a living on ground zero, not in some lofty office in a skyscraper. 

The issue of trust also had some impact on decision making.  Our bullshit detectors were screeching that the figures we were seeing of how "cheap" renewable power is was belied by the volume of taxpayer subsidies being fed into it to keep it's profit margin from going through the floor.
We're not entirely stupid, we can figure out that we would be paying for the renewable generated power twice. 
First in taxpayer subsidies and then in the power bills which we profoundly suspected wouldn't go down at all.   They would go up at the same rate that the subsidies were withdrawn. 

"Trust us!" ...  We wanna be your gubbermint and we not only lie to you about the costs of renewable power, but we flatly refuse to give even a ball park estimate of how many trillion our new crusading and mind blowing, UN brownie  point winning policy of devastating our manufacturing industry and shunting christ knows how many jobs to Asia by putting our hand up to cut carbon emissions by 50% in the short term and 100% in a decade or so will cost the people, the economy and the whole bloody sovereignty of the country!  

They are so up themselves they don't, even after losing, think they have the obligation to inform the voters they rely on what it's going to cost them!  What contempt!  What a monumental mistake!  We're not stupid enough to sign blank cheques!! 

The last time a brainfucked Labor government came up those types of earth shattering "change for the sake of it" policies it was thrown out for getting caught trying to borrow billions, illegally,  from an Indian consortium to pad the holes in the treasury.
This time they'll borrow it from China, they're circling like sharks.

You lefties will discard that as 'stoopid' right wing paranoia,  but I'm only reporting what the perceptions  are among the regular voters of how this climate change "action" will impact us all.

Rather than the uneducated and dopey being among those who voted against it, the lack of understanding of the whole scope of the 'action' lies with the younger demographic who are still so bright eyed and bushy tailed that they will believe only what they consider to be 'the good guys' without the experience to know that the cowboys in the white hats lie too. 

The carbon emissions issue was far from the only reason for the astounding voting result, it was one of many policies that no longer aligned in Leftish voters minds with that the hell Labor's job is.  But it was a big factor.

They've had an ideological mid life crisis and went 'queer' and in the wash up the only people who still "trusted" them were the youngsters who had no memory of what Labor used to be, and is supposed to be.

That the people in Warringah, the very people who Labor was trying to monger a class war against by referring to them as the "big end of town" actually voted for a Green in "Independent" clothing who they knew damned well was a Greens/Labor stooge under a false flag is just jaw dropping.   How much cocaine are those people snorting?? 
I can understand if they hated Tony Abbott 99% of the country does, but for those people to vote for an obvious Left Winger out of spite or a hangover is incomprehensible.  It was the only electorate in the country that went 'retrograde'.  Hence the irony being enjoyed so much among not only the Righties here but all Aussies with a sense of humour which luckily we still retain.

It's been "beyond the looking glass" and the closer the pundits look into motivations and contradictory voting patterns the more it becomes clear that Aussies don't like concocted class wars. 
We are still basically egalitarian and don't want to rob the rich.  We don't hate them. We want to be the rich.
... and Labor is not the Party who was offering us that chance.

We don't want to be told that we're intolerant by people who deride and insult us because they won't tolerate any dissent with their own opinions. They can go fuck themselves, we didn't yell back, we just voted them out. Quietly.

We don't want bloody windmills everywhere to suit some effing vegan  Green's phobia about nuclear power which is far better on the carbon emission scale than even solar and wind power paraphenalia. 

We told them to jam their OTT policies and get back when they make sensible ones about viable forms of power generation and emission reductions.
We're okay with changing our dirty polluting habits, but we're not going to shoot all the horses while we wait for the Greens to  invent the Model T version of reliable power and decide how long the blackouts should last while we wait for enough of their magic wind wands to generate some electricity.

Yeah yeah, trot out all the figures and reassurances that renewables are wunnaful and they probably will be, but not right now!  We're not buying it just yet.  Not at the price of bankrupting the whole bloody country!  

It's a big country with a small population so infrastructure is a vastly bigger component of production prices and reliability which don't apply in the US or NZ.   ... give us a bit of leash on that.  The Greens and Labor didn't.

Trust them? noooo,  are you mad? They're politicians!

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