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Shor's algorithm

This relates to finding factors of large numbers, and the role of quantum computers.
It's interesting stuff.

(I think Di will love it.)
Thank you soooo much Stanky, yes I did thoroughly enjoy that. By logarithmic calculation I have discerned that his online banking password is Px314191 and his address is Apt P20, 4367 Confabulation Way, Shit Creek.

Seriously though, I did enjoy it! The comments below it are bloody hilarious!!
damn, girl...
I can't even spoof you.

You're a powerhouse.

Earlier today, i found myself explaining the surface area of a sphere compared to its volume, to Mary.
She listened patiently, and then told me:

"This is going to cost you. You will need to eat some cilantro from the garden."

What a bitch, right?

She knows I hate cilantro.

Anyway, perhaps this thread could become a dumping ground for disgusting mathy stuff?

If i can unload here, it could help my relationship with her.

edited to add:

holy moly! I hadn't looked at the comments below the youtube.
They are really good.

Like, why would anyone even click on a youtube of this nature, if they weren't into the math?

It would be like someone like me, clicking on youtubes of cilantro recipes.

I'm baffled.
Yet, intrigued.
Ok, so here's some more of my favorite things:

(it's from 3 years ago.)

Numberphile is one of my favorite websites.
There's some others.

Mostly 'nerd central' stuff.

(It's my secret life.)

The "Utah Teapot" is a hot mess, for instance.

I'm also a mess. In high school and college, my proclivities leaned toward solid geometry and organic chemistry...for largely the same reasons:
I could relate to the 3d shapes.
I could see them, everywhere i looked.

and then i got drafted, in 1968.

It seriously altered my focus.

A somewhat bizarre life, i suppose.
It was already plenty weird. I was a jock-nerd. I wore the pocket protector of the nerd world; had my slide rules on hand...but suddenly, i was thrust into a new world.
I became a fugitive of federal justice.

There was simply no way i could engage in the pointless violence i was drafted into.
Kind-of strange, i suppose... being a bambi nerd with some elite jock credentials.

So, i went underground.
That journey was an eye-opener.

Of course, i eventually got busted.
It took 5 or 6 years.
(The FBI back then was really shitty at their job, imho.)

So, there i was...Bambi jock nerd athlete in federal prison.

Which has nothing whatsoever to do with this thread.

But it does help explain why i am this hot mess today.

Now, back to the mathy stuff:

This is from 5 years ago. It's about circles.
Okay, I'll see your maths goin' round in circles and raise you a demonstration of the effects of the laws of gravity on a chemical composition.    

Call it a trade deal. Big Grin

You have to hang in there to watch the 'magic' of physics happenin'

i watched. yeah, kind of cool. and kind of a cheap trick.

ever seen Andrew Goldsworthy's stuff?
He does interesting things with leaves and icicles and such; usually ephemeral.
Here's a peak:
Yes! I have seen some of his stuff. luv it.

and yes, that 'poured art' is a cheap trick for people who can't paint. But there is still a beauty in it, some of it. Like all art we should only have to see the best of it because the worst is just too depressing.

That isn't as easy at looks though. At least getting a good result isn't. I was going to experiment with it until I researched all the pitfalls. and the mess.
Here's eddie woo explain to his class how zero to the zeroth power, is one.

it's a fun ride, with very rational steps.
quite a surprise.

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