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Abortion in USA
Your bias is showing TA .. it's everybody's cabinet nailed in one go!
Rumor has it, Hitler's mom was seeking an abortion...but it wasn't legal.
So she had him.

German's are sticklers for the law.
It's tragi/comedy that we aren't collectively mature enough to asks these questions about abortion, and the lack thereof:

If a young mother seeks an abortion because she's broke, or because she doesn't know who the father is, or because she knows who the father is, and it's a rapist or her dad or brother or Uncle or Priest; and she was doing drugs at the time that can make a 'bad baby', well, what are the implications of all those aborted fetueses being around today?

What will their lives look like, mostly?
Do you want that grown up kid being your neighbor?
Knowing he was raised by a young junkie that resented his existence, and had no money?

Politicians are too tame to address the debate in those terms.
Imagine, had all those unwanted babies come to term, the strain on our fragile welfare system?

Some of those nasty fetuses would be in-bred, and addicted to drugs from the start.
Even if they manage to survive long enough to be legally imprisoned, that's a considerable drain on the economy.

There would be 1000,s of these shitty adult fetuses roaming our streets.
And they wouldn't all be white.

Odds are, they'd be the exact sot of person that the righteous right wing hates with a passion. Along with the mommy, who will likely need to lean on welfare hard.

If i was an underage pregnant crack-whore that couldn't get an abortion, i'd drop the baby in front of Mitch McConnel's mansion.
Or on the steps of the capitol building in DC.
Because that's the type of underage pregnant crack whore I'd be , by golly.

And yeah, i'd turn a few tricks; sell a few rocks, to afford the trip to Kentucky, for the drop off.


Yeah, I guess i'd be a vaguely elitist underage pregnant crack whore.
I'll cop to that.

Most of them likely have no clue who Mitch is, much less where he lives.

The focus on Catholic priests is mostly the pedophilia.
But RC, inc. has a huge budget for all the illegitimate kids the priests spawn.
They take great pains to prevent any claims made by the mother or child.
This goes way back, of course.

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