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How to hunt bears.
Dunno if you've 'met' Kevin Bloody Wilson, very funny but way too unPC and uncouth for the mainstream media.

Thought you might get a chuckle at an Aussie view of bear hunters.  (and no, he's not taken as being racist, the Kooris   love this kind of humour about their different take on how things are done.

Good one!

I've heard variations on it over the years. The Abbo is interchangeable with others. The bear remains.
(04-26-2019, 08:31 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Thought you might get a chuckle at an Aussie view of bear hunters.  (and no, he's not taken as being racist...

Nope, sounds like he has the Americans about right.
"Feckin' slaboriosity, i tell you." - stanky
(04-27-2019, 09:10 AM)stanky Wrote:  Good one!

I've heard variations on it over the years. The Abbo is interchangeable with others. The bear remains.

Yeah I've heard a few variations too, still raises a chuckle though. Like the "show him ya fuckin' badge" joke. That's become part of the language now.
Another variation of a theme...

Claude was the only one in the community catchin’ any fish. Folks was goin’ and they wasn’t catchin’ nothin’.

Old Claude Ledbetter, he’d come with a pickup truck loaded down. So the State Game and Fish Commission of Mississippi decided they’d go fishin’ with Claude, just see how he was catchin’em. Claude told ’em – popped off – said, y’all don’t know how to do it. Y’all ought to just go with me and watch me.

Well, the game warden got in the boat with him and they took off out in the middle of the river.

The game warden said, “Alright Claude, I’m gonna see how you catchin’ all these fish when cain’t nobody else catch none.”

Claude raised the lid on the boat seat, got a big, long stick a dynamite. Lit the fuse on it. Let it go down kinda short, then drawed back and chucked it. Boom! Them big catfish come turnin’ they belly up, whoopin’ it outa that water, and Claude was just gettin’em by the tub full.

The game warden said, “Boy, that’s against the law, you cain’t do that. Don’t you know you’re breakin’ the law?”

Well, Claude done lit another big stick a dynamite, handed it to the game warden; it goin’ phsssssh!

Claude said, “You gonna set there and argue, or fish?”
"Feckin' slaboriosity, i tell you." - stanky
I'm sending that to the Cuz! His dad (and other miners) used to 'fish' that exact same way back in the 50s. (Before there was a permanent police station in the town). [Image: yellow-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif]

They used gelignite though from memory. He was a mines deputy and had a bit of training in how much to use.
One of the mental midgets threw a whole stick into a hole when the river was low and they got 'bombed' by flying turtles and mud so he was never let near it again.
(04-28-2019, 06:07 AM)grayman Wrote:  Claude said, “You gonna set there and argue, or fish?”


Was common here before some guys killed a famous dolphin.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
That fishing story goes back a ways.

It could use an update, based on what I've witnessed on this river here, and what the fish and wildlife guys do, occasionally, to check the progress of their various stocking schedules and invasive species:

They have a stun-gun, of sorts, run off a big 12 volt battery...and the shock the water...and various fish float to the service; stunned, but mostly alive. They scoop them up; weigh and measure; sometimes tag them with hi-tech devices, and return them to freedom.

There's no nasty explosion. No give away noise.

I thought to myself:

I could come up with that fishing gear.

(I never did, of course. Because I'm a law-abiding citizen.)
How would that affect electric eels? Would it knock 'em out or would they treat it as a challenge?

I reckon there's a B grade movie in it. "rAMPAGE!" the shocking result of messing with eels!

I'll admit, i hadn't considered the electric eels.

But I'm all in on the B horror movie.

What if the eels took that shock, and added it to their arsenal of shockiness?

I can totally see Adrien Barboux in this flick.
Unless she's dead.

But then again,

What if the amplified charge of the electric eels, given to them by some hillbilly doing illegal fishing, was enough to reanimate Adrien Barboux?
Or some other dead babe with large breasts?

This is my favorite new movie.
And I haven't even seen it.

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