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A 'Modi'cum of consolation?
Can't recall if I posted this here, I've been sending it in all directions.

Just have a read through, it'll make you feel better about the fuckwits in our own governments.  worked for me.
Climate change: "Climate hasn't changed, we have!!!"

BTW, that was brilliant Di. Thank you. You seem to be coming up with lots of great stuff lately. What's up with that? Have you invented a new drug? And if so, can I have some?

But back to climate. Climate goes on and on, it has done so (depending on ones definition of same) since Time itself began. And that ain't 5000 years ago, in spite of all the lunacy regarding origin stories and other such dumbth.

The climate of our little world at the time we happen to be here was literally made by living things. There'd be no free oxygen without life you see. Chlorophyll, photosynthesis and all that. We are, quite literally, here because other creatures operating in the vastness of time, expelled large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere thereby enabling our own brand of biology to come into it's own.

Next stop: And you saw this one coming, we learn that these peculiar black rocks will take fire.

Need I go on?

If those lowly microbes hadn't provided us with oxygen, we wouldn't be here and of course, would never have learned all about black rocks taking fire.

Funny thing about those black rocks. In order to take fire as they do, they must be exposed to lots of oxygen.

The world we enjoy including its climate which has favored us primates for hundreds of thousands of years is quite literally made by life.

But because we're sooooooo fucking smart (yet not quite smart enough it would seem) to figure out how to obtain and use those burning rocks, we've inadvertently fucked ourselves. By burning those fucking black rocks, we've gone down the road of cheap energy and have been since the beginning of the 19th century (1800's to you then). In a mere 200 years we have fucked ourselves completely and by our own stupidity which sits squarely on our genius for figuring things out.

Bit of a dead end, you see?

But we went to the Moon. Several times. We figured out the relationship between Energy and Matter. (Oh, sorry, we used that first thing to burn 200,000 fellow human beings back to atoms. But the buggering little yellow bastards certainly had it coming, yes?)

And in spite of he fact that Lawrence Krauss is a pussy grabbing shit for brains, he did manage to figure out how all of this came about from fucking absolutely pure Nothing.

Too damned bad no one will be left to sing our praises to any others that might inhabit this ever so stupid and unreasoning Cosmos.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Holy shit - I've always known ignorance was strength in India, but that stuff takes the cake.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
BTW TA: Am I still eligible for a 5 year stint in NZ? Let me know as I'm just about out of patience with Dummy Orange Trump World.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Me too.

Neighbor just above us was at his private shooting range today exercising his 2nd Amendment right.

Just tired of it all.
"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
Cuz informed me the other day his sister's husband is up around here for the long weekend. He's into model airplanes to serious degree, I swear some are  big enough for a jockey sized pilot.  So thought it was a meet for enthusiasts, but no.
He's been winning comps in a new line of hobby.  Rifle Shooting.  

Many years back he was into pistol target comps and good at it but got tired of it. went into the planes thing, now, rifle shooting.  Not hunting, target comps.

It just seems odd as he's not the type you'd associate with that activity, but then I suppose it's entirely different use between target comps and blowing the guts out of roos from the back of a ute.  

He's a very hard man to figure out.  Laconic doesn't come close.  He could go an entire evening of chatter and banter at family and friend barbies without saying more than a sentence an hour.   Doesn't talk much but has a marvelous brain.

He holds the patents to non spill feeder valve workings he invented, (prevents spillage at refilling points and gets an "environment protection" good guy gong for that, but it's really about the cost savings in preventing wastage.)

He's invented other and various  gadgets to do with the mining industry that didn't exist until he tooled them up on his own machines in their own family engineering business and now they're considered necessities and the family business is the sole owner and manufacturer, so as you can imagine he and my cousin are not short of a buck.

What makes him extraordinary is that he never went to University, and is not qualified as an engineer.  He went to trade school and is officially just a car mechanic. 
Yet he can do the math, and has studied metalurgy from home, and has a few million bucks worth of the kind of machinery that can turn out fittings to tiny fractions of a mm accuracy.  Not bad for a boy who left school early.  Not your average backyard mechanic. 

They're worth millions now but the very idea of holidaying on the Riviera apalls them both.  They never holiday at all.  They love their business, love the engineering game, he doesn't talk about it, he does it.  She does the talking and networking and PR and paperwork.  Great team.

 I asked him once if he thought we're all mad for some of the stuff we used to talk and laugh about while he sat in a corner and watched us.  He looked surprised and said "I just like to listen, always get a laugh."  Could have fooled me the closest I ever saw him come to laughing was a wry grin.  The only easily seen emotion is anger, he can go off like bomb when something goes pfffft or someone stuffs up, but it's a rare occurrence. 

Strange bloke, but they've been together well over 40 years so he must have something else going for him or she'd have dumped him years ago.  If you think I'm hard to handle you should meet her!
Just can't imagine him getting a kick out of rifle target shooting.  But then he's one of very few people who fascinate me simply because they are so hard to figure out.

I'd be willing to bet that not too many people who know him have any idea of what his new hobby is. I didn't.

He's the antithesis of what American gun enthusiasts seem to be.  They like showing them off, he'd be doing everything he could to keep his hobby quiet.  odd.

There must be a name for people the opposite of braggarts and posers but I don't know it.  "Hiding their light under a bushel?" 
He's built racing cars (local dragsters etc, not formula ones or anything) from scratch, turned clapped out old army trucks bought at auction fo 200 bucks into 250,000 dollar high tech, all terrain,  mining machinery service vehicles.
Has had to sign secrecy papers to get the job of repairing some new Army equipment that he'd never seen before and did it alone as the workers weren't allowed near it due to that secrecy stuff.  (Yeah, precious, and he produced one of those wry grins over it)

He's a very very bright man,  you'd think target shooting would be downright boring wouldn't you?
(04-21-2019, 02:20 PM)sparks Wrote:  BTW TA:  Am I still eligible for a 5 year stint in NZ?  Let me know as I'm just about out of patience with Dummy Orange Trump World.

Absolutely. All you need is a job offer and it's pretty well automatic.

G - NZ Rail are screaming for people.

Anyone with any skill can get a job here right now.

(04-21-2019, 05:14 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  He's a very very bright man,  you'd think target shooting would be downright boring wouldn't you?

No, I can understand that, just like some incredibly smart people play golf. It's a challenge that never gets old, because you can never hit the bull 100% of the time.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
i have a friend that's an anti-bragger. He's of Norwegian descent. It's unusual to be around that sort.
He'll tell you that he caught a 12" rainbow trout, when it's actually 16".
But he'd only bring it up if you asked him about it.

Di's cuz is someone i'd love to run into. Maybe broke down on a back road.
if he was broke down on a country road you'd find him under the vehicle trying to patch it up with fencing wire or something.

The anti-bragging thing was considered the optimum in polite behaviour in Oz.  Everybody hated a bragger and we were almost Asian like in that 'humble' stance of social discourse.  "It's not bad" was high praise etc.  

I blame the Yanks Wink  or at least Hollywood, for the changes that have produced jingoism,  and young Aussies who are into the selfies fad.  Their great grandparents would have shot them for behaving like that.  You didn't go around "big noting" yourself like that.  tch.

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