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Excellent Analysis of Obama
I've been saying for a long time that Obama's lack of action and failure to keep his promises were a large driver of what gave America Trump, and this morning I see a piece which sets those points out with evidence:
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Excellent indeed! 

Quote:My point is simple: It’s not good enough to “restore” Obama-ism. Look at the recent pattern of presidential history: When corporate-beholden Democrats win the White House and implement cautious, status-quo policies while inequality worsens, two things happen: 1) Right-wing Republicans quickly take back Congress, and 2) An even more dangerous GOP president follows.

Isn't that the point I too was trying to make? That pendulums swing?

Returning to business as usual would be more catastrophic than Trump!
A Pelosi running the show would simply delay the inevitable and enable the pendulum an even further range of swing.
I can see it happening in Europe, and even here.
That Americans can't, or in most cases refuse, to see through the "ideology" con,  is jaw dropping.

I was an Obama fan, for a short while.  Envied them for having him even.  but not for long. 
The hollow ring to his pretty words soon disabused me of the notion that he was anything more than a show pony front man for the old establishment.  As are they all in their own quirky ways.

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