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Written in the stones.
Here's one for Grayman.
and for me.

cool beans!

( I must wonder how you stumble upon such stuff.)

People were always moving stones back then...if only to get them out of agricultural fields. And then, to make walls for sheep enclosures and demarcations of the commons. Piles of stone were often hastily gathered for battles, as something of a shield. Traces of all these things can still be found in unlikely places. I've come across many. Not only in New England, but in Pennsylvania, and New York.

Never considered their use as a meter for magnetic fluctuation.
And it only works in so far as we have records of real estate boundaries.

One might think the great wall of China would yield more data on this flux, but we lack the historical reference points of the surveys and ownership of the surrounding land.

how strange.

I pinched it of course. Posted by a sciency type on Old Farts and no, I have no idea where he finds them either.

I have read a bit over the years about the polar orientation being imprinted in molten rock which makes it possible to measure the shift since their formation to the present. It only applies when it's in situ but that's not difficult to find.

"when you think you've lost everything... you find out you can always lose a little bit more." - President Bush
Same sort of thing is faithfully recorded along the Atlantic Ocean ridge where new material is becoming part of the sea floor all the time. Like magnetic tape, it records the intensity, angle and polarity of the Earth's magnetic field when it was first extruded.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
It's amazing how many recording devices there are, once we know how to look for it.

carbon dating is a fine example. What an obscure technology!
Or dna analyses of a crime scene...we leave clues, everywhere we go. Clues that once didn't exist.

Red shift in astrology; it's all rather fantastic.
Science as the ultimate Sherlock Holmes.

I wonder what's next?

Finding out who really killed JFK?

(half-sarcastic smiley inserted.)
That JFK thing has been solved.  A clumsy FBI agent in the car following got off balance and shot Kennedy accidentally.
It's been covered up ever since.   ... I know this 'cos I saw a documentary of some "investigator" who worked it all out. Cool Big Grin

Dunno why they don't take his word for it and close the books.  He sounded really convincing and it's as good a theory as any.  He's even worked out that the shot heard from the grassy knoll was just an echo.  .. oh, and Oswald's shot missed.

He's doing an in depth investigation where the hell that plane that vanished in the Indian Ocean is next.  ... can't wait. Angel

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