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In final proof (as if any were needed) that Liberals are just as bad as Fascists, I give you Justin Trudeau.

The prettiest Liberal of them all, the man who not just criticised Trump, but stood up to him, mano a mano, is a plain old self-serving cunt like the rest of them.

To save a bit of reading, it's all simple stuff: Trudeau pressured his own A-G to go easy on a large employer, in case it affected Trudeau's re-election chances. When she failed to do so, she got demoted.

After Harper, this is fairly mild, but Harper never claimed not to be a cunt.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
The accusations about his involvement in that little deal was chewed on months ago, did I miss posting it here??  

Maybe those here weren't in the mood to hear bad things about St. Justin and liberals in general at the time?
I do test the ice before posting, sometimes I even judge it too thin to venture onto, Wink  .. you do get upset about those things sometimes. Confused 

No surprise at it here,  he's a politician + he's human + he has a degree of power = bent.

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