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Cunning Plan for Sparks
The clear leader at every Democratic Party candidate poll to date has been "none of the above".

Sparks: change your name legally to None Of The Above - you'd win in a landslide.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
reminds me of the band I was in,

"Free Beer".

You'd think we'd been huge.

(I blame the bass player.)

I think i can speak for sparky in this matter:

He has no desire to be King.

His secret desire is to be Captain of a ship, with me as Skipper, and grayman as chief engineer.

(There's a princess that needs rescuing.)

Christ, what to do with this massive inventory of brass polish?

If i could turn it into the sailboat today, i would.

Alas, i have to consider the fate of the princess in this scenario:

Without the constant dividend checks from TBP,inc.,

she probably wouldn't have her cool new go-cart.

(it's possible that i'm reading to far into this.)

For me, it's clearly time to take a chance.

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