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A Memory Lane Perspective
Remember this guy?
I had two semesters of political science courses at my first college with an instructor who served as an intern in the LBJ White House.

I have heard many of those tales and others before.

The instructor told us that you did not want to be the first person he saw in the morning when he was in a bad mood, as you would be the reason for all his troubles and he would unleash on you.
"Who's with me?." - stanky
I read the link and have to say that I find Trump far more vulgar than LBJ.

I mean, part of the damning evidence is that he would piss in sight of other men.

Jesus, we do that all the time. No one needs to ask if it's ok to whip their dick out and wiz here. It's very normal behavior.
I don't care about the vulgar language.
Our beloved T.A. uses the n-word freely, as if he was half nigger his own self. Do we think he's a racist? A cracker-ass motherfucking honky?

LBJ was instrumental in the civil rights act. That matters more than vulgar language.
Trump has vulgar intent. He doesn't need curse words and such. He might not ever pee in front of his friends, at an out-door party or camping trip or public bathroom. It's possible he's never experienced any of that. He doesn't drink or smoke, you know. Believe it or not, he doesn't even get high on weed. He's never tripped. He's a straight arrow. Maybe sobriety isn't the answer?
(01-02-2019, 02:02 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Remember this guy?

What stanky said + I don't think I've ever heard claims that LBJ mentioned on tape that he grabbed women by the pussy.

That's a universe of vulgarity compared to a fart and a few swear words.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I don't even know how to grab someone by the pussy.
I grabbed a guy by the arm one time, because he was being an asshole.

But how do you grab a pussy?

Is it like grabbing a navel?

(I'm super naive about this stuff.)

It's easier to imagine grabbing someone by the dick...not because I want to, but because the dick is an appendage...a little (or big, if you're black) appendage... like a handle.

I'm sad to confess that no woman has ever grabbed me by the dick, nor have I ever grabbed them by their far less grabable pussy.

kind-of embarrassed to admit all this here.
You'd think an alpha Bambi stud like myself had grabbed all manner of pussy; possibly even had to grab one as i was about to fall off a cliff, saving my life.

Grabbing pussy is on the level of fucking armpits.
Kind-of stupid.

I managed to get laid via the route of being friendly and kind. helpful, even. Chicks evidently dug that, back in the day.

A single mom, i've noticed, gets really titillated if you play with her kid and change its diapers.

Yeah, i know...kind of a sleazy way to take advantage of women...but it feels less obtrusive than flat out grabbing the pussy, eh mates?

Considering that the pussy isn't an appendage, so to speak?

I'm out of touch regarding the new state of pussy anatomy.
i doubt i'd recognize the new ones; what with the shaving and piercing and bleaching and what all.
I'm a fairly innocent dude.

from the olden days of pussy.
hopefully, none of that was offensive.

unless I'm running for office.
In which case I'll need to explain some shit.

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