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anyone here ever have a cool car?
I worry di may fall in with a bad lot...
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
"....driving two cars, making deals with total strangers and saying things like "More sugar!!!!!" "
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(01-11-2019, 02:09 PM)The Atheist Wrote:  
(01-09-2019, 09:41 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Had to happen.  'Muscle' mobility scooters.

They look more Steampunk than 'Predator'  but  .. cool .. or fool??

Heavily Steampunk.

Fit that sucker on the right with an Oerlikon and a V8 and I'll buy one.

I reckon if a spare old dodderer was strapped to the front of that thing it could be sold for an extra 5 grand as the Mad Max model!

(01-11-2019, 04:34 PM)stanky Wrote:  Right?

If the souped-up mobility scooter only offers 2/3 Hp, for 15K, wtf...

Could you even do a spin out with that rig?
Avoid the 8 move k turn?
Just to get back in the garage without hitting stuff?

For 15 g's, i expect to fly.

Or at least burn a righteous path of geriatric rubber.

Perhaps Di hasn't heard these songs in a while?

(The Little old Lady from Pasadena; Jan and Dean. Go, Granny, go! That's the spirit of the song.)

Or this one; an all time great, the beach Boys: I get around.

hopefully Di is feeling me.

A mobility scooter has to do decent wheelies.

(pm me for fashion tips. When you pop a wheelie on your mobility scooter, in front of your neighbor's garage, you don't want to wear floral patterns.)

No wheelies,  I'm far too decorous for such behaviour. Angel  No burn outs, it has the turning circle of a regular Mack truck so it doesn't do 'pirouettes'. No brake pedal to stand on either.  

They cost more here because they're all imported a great distance,  at great mark  up, on shipping costs. 
The average low cost little one that looks like a skate board with a chair on one end and a stick on the other starts at $1500 and will last a year tops.  I think they're probably manufactured in an alley in Shanghai.

The ones with grunt and stability are around 5 to 7  grand (and up) new.

They come from the UK and 'Murrica.   (Not sure where they're manufactured really, but those are the places where they''re cheapest so must be closer to the source.)

Mack's a Murrican expat,  I'll say Hi for yas.
Should I tell it about Trump?
Nah, it's getting on in years, Bammy was the man when it left home, why upset it?
'Mack' cost me $750 on eBay and came delivered to the driveway free, and accompanied by over 600 bucks worth of 'accessories' so it may be old and scuffed up but not a bad deal eh?  It still goes like the clappers when I wind it up and the wheels don't wobble. That's a pass mark for what I want it for.

 It has exactly the same bells and whistles as the newest model.  This appeals mightily to my tightarse attitude to the price of stuff. CoolSmile
sorry, love.

Only picking on you for fun.


I bought v-8 Ford trucks for less than that, many times.

but, yeah...once products enter the medical realm, the price sky-rockets.

A shitty wheel chair costs more than my present car,
Spot on about the medical cost connection. But a little imagination can get around most of it.  
Super soft back supports for $89.99 or a brand new dog mattress for $10?  Exactly the same filling, only the pattern on the cover is different and no one gives a shit what that is in the dark.  

Unfortunately they don't make scooters and wheelchairs for pets so we're  hostage to paying for those.

$2 dollar shops are full of 'specialised' drinking vessels, cutlery, cooking aids and such which do exactly the same job as the massively expensive 'disability aids' do.

Other than prescription stuff,  I can buy every item in my medical items stock list on eBay for at least 30% percent less than I can get them from a 'health peddler'.   Most a lot cheaper than that.  

Even 'medical grade' cotton wool can be bought in plastic bags at the local supermarket for 10% the cost of the 'approved' item.  The 'real' stuff comes in suspiciously similar wrapping with a different logo on it.   mmmmm. call me cynical, but what's 'medical grade' cotton wool?  Looks the same stuff to me, packaged the same and from the same place.  Is it like Halal??  some doctor says a prayer over it or something?  

Maybe if more people knew that their doctors were buying that 'approved medical grade' stuff on eBay too they'd wake up to themselves and realise they're getting ripped off at the pharmacies and 'disability' shops?

I know this because my doctor asked where I got the stretch compression bandages with velcro strips from.  He wrote down the seller on eBay! 

He was paying $7 bucks each for stretch bandages with only those metal clips to hold the ends down from his regular supplier and thought he was getting a trade discount!   I get better ones for $3.50 each.  
We discuss more than my health at consultations. Blush We get along really well. Wink                         
Well, it's likely too late to mention an alternative to the mobility scooters. And I'm totally not picking on you. And I'm proud of you for scoring one for cheap. You go, girl.

(Pity you forgot to reproduce, or we could call you "Granny".)

There are farty 3-wheeled bike thingies, that accept common e-assist motors and batteries.
They are easy to get in and out of. They come with baskets for your shopping needs. Easy to get in and out of.

The added caveat is that you can peddle if you like. In the U.S., that caveat is essential to qualify as a bike-thingy...and not require all the bureaucratic hooplah and all its ca-chings.
With the battery and motor, you can do 20 mph, if you want...and go 25 miles, if you want.

In certain zones, such things can replace cars.

(Disclaimer: Forget looking cool on one of these rigs. I don't even like to stand near one....that's how un-cool the look is.)

For the cost of a mobility scooter, people could drive over a curb...or survive a pot-hole.

I have two old friends, btw, that have "off road" wheel chairs. They got them because of where they live (near the stankerosa) and that they wanted to be able to go to the mailbox. In some cases, the mailbox might be 50 yards from the house, over rough ground that a mobility cart could never handle.

God forbid i get old.
My mailbox is nearly two miles from my shack.
And that distance often requires driving through water. I'd say the Prez could attest to that.

And a steep hill, to boot. Sometimes covered in it is today...

And the closest shopping possibility is 12 miles away.
24 miles, round trip; four of them spent on my lane...with poor gas mileage.

So, i've been thinking about the stanky version of the mobility scooter for awhile.

Grayman's been here, too. He didn't encounter the water, or the snow, or the frequent downed limbs on our lane, but he likely noticed it was a steep ride into the hollow.

I can't afford to move out of here.
Plus, I like it.

Imagine the mobility scooter designed for my circumstance.

It has to be bad-ass.

The visibility flag on back shall be the skull and cross bones.
Still trying to imagine what it took to get your neighbor's bridge parts to that location.
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
it was epic.
Allow me to solve your problem.  RolleyesCoolBig Grin

You're an inventive type, you could turn out an upgraded version in a couple of hours.

Finding a trustworthy goat would be the greatest hurdle.  
But a small donkey would suffice.  There should be a lot of spare donkeys around as soon as the Dems realise that their donkey logo is viewed more aptly as an ass.   Angel Cool
A Shetland pony would be cute.  They make them for big dogs too but carnivores are more expensive to feed.

I'll leave the power source to you.

Here's some upmarket versions.

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