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anyone here ever have a cool car?
Quote:Stanky wrote:

I'm the opposite, re: the electronics in newish old cars. Hate it. Always the thing that goes bad; no way to fix it. I like roll-up windows; don't need a motor to close my trunk or open my doors or run the antenna up and down. I can adjust the side mirrors just fine without the motor and all those little wires. I don't even like cruise control. I don't trust it. I think it hates me. It looks to vulnerable for me to feel good about.

On the last few cars I've had, it was always the electronics that fucked-up. All it takes is some random mouse chewing, and you're screwed.

(especially if you frequently drive through swollen creeks.)

I still use maps if i go somewhere. Never had the gps stuff. What if Siri lies to me? Or gets hacked? A simple solar flare, and the next thing you know, you're lost and out of gas in the dessert. And it's getting dark. You know the rest. You've seen the movie.

All of the above!  The Mazda had push button window winder uppers and it was a total pain in the arse!  I used to leave Mum in the car and make dashes into the shops only come out and find it raining and her sitting there with a pastic bag over her because she couldn't wind the window up!   Stupid idea.  Only used cruise control a couple of times,  I'm a control freak couldn't stand it.

By the time I traded it in most of it's electronics had packed it in at some time or other and there were some very dodgy patch jobs by a very dodgy auto electrician I knew. 

Don't want Siri nagging me so that's out.
The Opel (Vectra) is almost as bare bones as the old VW Beetle,  just has what's needed.  I swear half of the buttons on the Mazda's dash were never pushed.  No idea what most were for and it didn't matter a damn.   It 'lived' a longish life, 16 years so the buttons weren't important.

The Opel is 20 years old but I bought it 2nd hand,  it was 2 years old with only 11,000 km on the clock. mmmmm. suspicious.   But all was revealed when a visiting card was found wedged behind the dash. 

It had belonged to the Familiy Services Department and had spent most of it's time parked outside an office somewhere because it's pretty well known that there was never much activity going on in that department 20 years ago.

Poor thing looks like it's been parked in Aleppo! 

A front panel has been dislodged so many times that only one bracket is left so that's been pop riveted on.
The lining on the roof was drooping down so Cuz drawing pinned it up and now the roof looks like a convex chesterfield sofa.  He went to town with those pins!!  Very funny though, and who cares?
The front grille fell apart when I lifted the bonnet, it must have been cracked with age or something but it gave up and fell off in pieces.  So now the car is 'gummy'.  
... Redneck Special!

But the motor still purrs like a rolls and it gets me where I need to be and that's good enough for me.   (The windows are manual wind ups,  big improvement) and it sure isn't likely to be stolen.Big GrinCool
Some cars have heated seats?


I've had some very un-cool cars. On the list of the ten worst-ever British cars, I've owned two of them:
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
It's kind-of nice to see that we mostly aren't very cool people, in the car world.
Grayman's 3 motorcycles give him huge coolness points, especially if they were cool motorcycles.
Sparky's old 280 z's or whatever they were called, back when he had money, were pretty fast rigs.

I'm a piss-poor American, I guess. I've never loved the car thing enough; always felt kind of stupid, in a schlepping two tons of mass around.
I see cars like the tragedy of public transportation we don't quite have.
It's a love/hate thing for me. Because of the cost, i guess...on many levels.
And the relentless wrecks; the traffic just looks kind-of silly from the long view.

And now we have a resurgence of muscle cars; cars that can go 200 mph; that cost a million bucks...You can see them, backed up in traffic in all the finest locations. Where exactly can a person express the joy of a car that exceeds all possible speed limits, without breaking the law?

It's a wonder such things are even legal. It reminds me of fully auto guns, with 100 round clips. That's a lot of power. Do we really want to encourage it?
The answer, evidently, is yes.

There's no end of new cars that boast 500 hp engines. Zero to 60 in 3 seconds! Sometimes even less!
What possible use do we have for that, given the reality of roads and laws?
It becomes a display of wealth, more than anything.
I can afford the tickets; i can afford the fuel and the constant repairs, because I have another car i use for normal stuff.

People don't drive their McClarens across the country. They keep them in a nice garage. No way the latest Bugatti makes sense as transportation.

Still, i admire a well designed machine with a 1000 hp engine that costs a cool mil.
I've never wanted one myself.
But it's a curious thing to observe from a distance.

The first time I was allowed to borrow my mom's car; after I got my driver's license, and she finally allowed me to drive it without her in it....
I immediately wanted to see how fast it would go.
(It was a Rambler, with a 238 cubic inch v-8 engine...sporty for a rambler, i reckon.)
I got it up to 100 mph in a 30 mph zone. Within a few minutes of her finally allowing me to drive it. It just felt like the logical thing to do. Find out how fast it will go, right?

If that sounds twisted, well, all the other guys i knew at the time were thinking the exact same way.
See what she'll do. caution to the wind. She may as well have handed me a loaded gun....even though i had passed her tests to prove i was a responsible young man. And i kind-of was. that old Rambler might have hit 110 if I'd pushed it, on that maiden voyage.

I was lucky. never drove into a tree at high speed; never killed anyone...never even got a ticket.
i had friends that weren't so lucky, of course.
We all have.

It's a slice of American insanity, posing as normal.
The ads on tv depicted vehicles breaking the law; going really fast along route one in California...seriously hot babe in the passenger's seat.

ah, the dream! Break the law; risk your life; pay lots of money, and you might get laid.
(Probably not, as it turns out.)

maybe drink some Bud-Light, and try again?
maybe try Axe body spray?

and so forth?
I'm still wondering why people live in places where you'd need a heated car seat! Huh

Sheep skin seat covers are the go here, they don't burn your bum when you get in.

It's below freezing outside and you have leather seats. Hence: Heated seats. AHhhhhhhhhh! Smile Warm ass is a happy ass.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Right about that Sparky!

Do you go much for the sheep skin covers there? it would muffle that arse snoring problem I'd imagine.
Not me personally. I've got leather again for the first time in years. I'm not covering that up with sheepskin! The real bitch with leather is during the summer... Now that scenario will really burn yer ass. Smile But the windows are tinted, so that helps.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Holy shit.

Sparky's a pimp.


Isn't there an analogous accouterment (to the heated seat) for hot weather?

Di? Do you ice down the seat of your new ride before you take her for a spin?
Or do you simply put the ice-packs under your shorts?

Here's a confession about my nature, and I hope no one takes offense, but:

I've never named a car, like some folks do. I've never patted the dash board and spoke to her, like some do.
There just machines to me. Tools without personality. Unless I get mud all over one. That does add some flair.

Some names are admittedly cool. An old buddy had a shitty Mazda that he called the Mazda-ratty.
I've had all manner of car breakdowns, but i can't recall ever yelling at the car. Maybe i hated it, but not like an entity with senescence.

Think to come of it, I never named a guitar, either. And I've had a bunch.

I may have Assburger's syndrome.

(I do name dogs.)
"Isn't there an analogous accouterment (to the heated seat) for hot weather?"

Yep. It's called shade. Smile

Same here on naming cars. Never did it. If a truck gets me out of some serious snow or mud going to/from a mountain top transmitter site, then I might pat the dashboard a bit. But generally, I don't anthropomorphize them.

Boats need names, but only for easy identification.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Have you considered any names for the fantasy boat?

She'll be a female, right?

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