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anyone here ever have a cool car?

I've never had a cool car. But I've driven a few, and been in some.

(I'm more of a cool bicycle dork, and I've had a few. In the 60's, before carbon fiber hit the scene, a 21 lb. bike was pretty cool, and I had a few. Sew-up tires; Reynold's 531 tubing; Campagnola shit, if you were a dork-jock that raced bikes. My first was a Gitane Tour de France; bad-ass; also a comparable French Peugeot. At the high end of bicycles back then, the good ones were all pretty much the same.)

My best friend in college at the time had a Sunbeam Tiger; a small sports car with a small v-8 engine...damn sporty...he never let me drive it. Another friend did let me drive his MG midget; great fun; eye candy; not very fast by today's standards.
My oldest (dead) brother had a Triumph Spitfire, which was sexy as hell. he tried to give it to me went he joined the army, but my mom wouldn't let me have it. Beautiful little car; not super fast; sexy as hell. Broke my heart that I couldn't have it.

A good friend at the time had an Austin Healy. He was from money; spoiled brat kind of guy. We did 140 mph in his ride, in new jersey; two gals in the tiny back seat. Really stupid thing to do...but we didn't get killed or even arrested.

My bro got back from the army and bought a Morgan 3 wheeler with wood floor and sides. Super cool car. he never got it running; pure fixer-upper. At the same time, another friend had a jaguar xk-140; pure sexy classic British Sports car. I never drove it, but I got to ride in it. Girls wanted to have sex with us because of that car.

Finally, i was able to buy my own car! It was a corvair; unsafe at any speed; cost me $50, which I split with my, $25 bucks for that car. When it died, we left it on the side of the road. Girls definitely didn't want to have sex with guys in that car. Kind of cool, post ironically.

The next car I bought was ridiculous. It had a 460 cubic inch engine...bigger than the classic 427 of the times. Yet, it was a station wagon; dork-city. It would do 60 mph in first gear. I bought it for $250. The owners were a rock band that needed the massive engine to pull the trailer with all their gear. It was ridiculously ugly, and I wasn't into its muscle. I hated it. It broke down a lot.
In spite of its obscene engine, it had zero sex appeal. It was a station wagon.

Around that time, i started doing stone work, and had a series of Ford pick-up trucks; all v-8's; all beat to shit when I bought them.
I had four different ones, ranging in price from $250 to $500. They were disposable, and I beat them all to death with rocks.

After that, all my cars were way less sexy. I'd say none of my first 10 cost more than $1000. My favorite one (Datsun B-210 cost $200; ran like a dream.)

After that, a few more shitty pick-up trucks, and finally, the shitty mini-van period of life.
Vans were cool because you could actually have a bed in back...and that was sexy, in spite of the details.

In short, I've never owned a cool car.

How about you guys?
I have a feeling that grayman probably had a cool car at some point in his life.
Hell, he drives a train; flies a plane...but the car he showed up here in didn't even have working AC.

However, there were two kayaks, strapped to the roof rack.
That is seriously hot, by the new parameters of hotness.

His ol' lady was also hot, btw. Like, it was abnormally hot here at the time. And they had driven south from NH...which is cool.
Lovely woman, and a damn good sport. The irony. The ac was broken in his rig. I tried, in my pathetic way to cool her down...told bad jokes; put a fan on her...i'm a piss-poor host.

Their little car was so full, they didn't have room for the geode i tried to give them.

At least they didn't have to walk through water to escape the stankerosa, like the Prez and FL did.

There's a river running down my road now.


You should visit.

I bet you have a cool car.
I'm out. VW followed by a procession of Toyota sedans, a slinky Mazda 626 and now a 1998 rebadged German Opel. But then girls didn't need to own cool cars, just needed to look at them. I still do that. Wistfully.
All my cars were cool to me. I am easy to please. Heat and the ability to get through snow are my basic requirements.

I had three motorcycles before my first car, which was a Chevrolet C-20 pickup. Had a cap on the bed. Used to sleep back there.

Once owned a Buick Centurion. Huge car with a huge engine. Bought it for $300. Loved that thing.

Eight weeks later the first wife totaled it. She wrecked most of the cars I had when we were together.

Had a "73" Ford van with "three on the tree". Was great for hauling band equipment (was in a blues rock group at the time). Slept in that one a lot.

There was a GMC 4-wheel drive truck I ran for a couple of years that was great for camping and for taking back roads with a friend who had scuba gear to explore the local rivers. Back in the day, folks would toss their trash in the river. My friend had a collection of antique bottles from the 1700s and 1800s that would do any museum proud.

Had a Dodge Omni when I went to college where I met my 2nd wife, who was driving an identical Omni.

Bought a Neon when I moved from San Francisco to Wyoming. After it quit running, I gave it to a neighbor to repair and give his granddaughter who was learning to drive.

Bought a Cadillac coupe after that. Loved that car. Remarried the first wife - bye bye Cadillac.

Next was a Chevy Aveo that I ran for well over a decade, coast to coast. That finally quit one day which led me to...

Attila the Hon...da. Attila was a bargain basement CRV that I found via the local car shop where I had my vehicles serviced. Was great for camping. Slept in it often.

Now I have an unpretentious Suzuki witnessed by stanky. Fun little car and great on fuel. 

(01-02-2019, 04:52 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  I'm out. VW followed by a procession of Toyota sedans, a slinky Mazda 626 and now a 1998 rebadged German Opel.  But then girls didn't need to own cool cars, just needed to look at them.   I still do that.   Wistfully.

Your new rig looks sporty.

..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
Back in the day when I had money, I drove a list of 280 and 300 ZXs. Fun cars. But now I'm too old for that shit. My latest is a Chevy Silverado 4x4.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
So far, sparky wins.
Silverado 4x4 is no dog wagon, dude.

If T.A. chimes in, I'm guessing he has a sensible car with good gas mileage. Though, I suspect he might have had something hotter before he got hitched.

G-man, hilarious that you re-married an ex-wife. I know a few blokes that did that. They also got re-divorced.

(Ain't love grand?)

It looks like the days of the $200 cars is gone.
There was an art to knowing when to hold them and fold them. I was pretty good at it. I'd wait until I was almost out of gas; start 'er up, one last time; remove the battery, and limp it in to the junkyard...and get 25 bucks for it.
Hitch-hike back home. Look for a new old junker. With luck, a working radio.

That Datsun b-210 was a dream car. When I bought it, the only thing i asked the seller was if the radio worked. He found that charming, and dropped the price from $250 to $200. I put 100,000 miles on it, with no issues. Sometimes you get lucky. It was hellish ugly. Kind of went with my fashion statement.
My very first car was a blue B-210 hatchback! Cast iron 4 cylinder engine. Could. Not. Kill. It. Got me all the way from high school on to college and beyond.

The current truck was really by accident. The GMC Envoy I was driving finally gave it up after 253,000 miles and some change and I just happened to luck into the truck at 2 years old and about 25,000 miles.

It is a great truck. Love it. G-Man has the right idea: It needs a cap. The stuff they can do with all the electronics in vehicles these days is bloody amazing. I really enjoy the navigation system, which hasn't steered me wrong once....yet. And the pairing of the phone with stereo is uber convenient too. But I refuse to use blue-tooth to play music. Makes my ears bleed. Besides, you can simply plug a USB drive into any of the 6 or so ports and you're off to the races. Heated seats are great on those really cold mornings.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
Heated seats?
Jesus,'re not becoming a candy-ass, are you?
(The boat voyage will demand all the toughness we can still access.)

I'm the opposite, re: the electronics in newish old cars. Hate it. Always the thing that goes bad; no way to fix it. I like roll-up windows; don't need a motor to close my trunk or open my doors or run the antenna up and down. I can adjust the side mirrors just fine without the motor and all those little wires. I don't even like cruise control. I don't trust it. I think it hates me. It looks to vulnerable for me to feel good about.
On the last few cars I've had, it was always the electronics that fucked-up. All it takes is some random mouse chewing, and you're screwed.

(especially if you frequently drive through swollen creeks.)

I still use maps if i go somewhere. Never had the gps stuff. What if Siri lies to me? Or gets hacked? A simple solar flare, and the next thing you know, you're lost and out of gas in the dessert. And it's getting dark. You know the rest. You've seen the movie.
Best trips I ever had involved getting lost and stumbling on to something interesting that I would have missed had I known where I was going.

Getting lost in a rig pulling a 48 foot semi-trailer not so much fun.

By the way, the Suzuki has heated seats. the wife likes them for her bad back.

The are nice on a cold day or night until the heater kicks in.

The seats put my bum to sleep, because every now and then I hear it snore.
..-. ..- -.-. -.- / - .-. ..- -- .--.
Didn't me to offend with my Luddite sensibilities.

I'm guessing everyone has heated seats now?
(KY is ten years before.)

wee nod to the band "Ten Years After"

I totally get why heated seats would be swell in New Hampshire.
(I've been there in the winter.)
Especially if they come with the car.

Ironic, though...
my only encounter with g-man and his ol' lady was when it was weirdly hot here. And the AC wasn't working in the car.
(Possibly an electronic issue?)

I'm a northerner at heart. When I moved down here, I sweated profusely for the first 3 years.

If i had a heater in my main chair today, I wouldn't bother feeding this wood fire.

I shouldn't imply that anyone is a candy ass, due to improvements in techno-gizmology.

To make amends for my ribald insensitivity, i hearken grayman back to his early days on the motorcycle.
Remember how cold your ass got?

Bet you never heard it snore back then, eh?

(I'm mostly being nostalgic, concerning younger days, and the relative simplicity of machinery.)

If i didn't enjoy getting lost on back roads, I'd have never met Mary.

Here's a tip for anyone considering massage therapy:

Drive some back roads in Florida; dirt roads that become all 'wash-board like".
The whole car vibrates, and it stems from the road phenomena of wash-board-ism, into your lower back.

(Interesting side-bar about what causes wash-board road phenomena...and the cost to the state of Florida. It's a very odd physics puzzle. If you've ever driven on one, you know what I mean.)

G-man? Would you please tickle your partner's feet for me? Let her know of my kind feelings?

And thank you for the concept of 'ass-snoring'.

I long to experience it first hand.

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